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Go and see what you can do out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All right!!!!!!

Awesome Parks!!!!

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The amazing parks that love thrill and extremeness!!!!

Kings Island Cedar Point Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Geagua Lake(amusement park closed) Carowinds Kings Dominion Canada's Wonder Land Hersheypark




You will find this amazing coaster at Kings Island. Kings Island is located north of Cincinnati in Mason Ohio. The Firehawk was known as X-Flight at Geague Lake near Akron which is a water park now.


This is the Vortex. When it opened in 1987 it had the most stunts in the world with SIX!!!!!!! It is also found in Kings Island.


This up coming April,Kings Island will open their tallest and fastest(80mph)the Diamondback. The Diamondback will have the newest seats called stadium seats. That means that all the riders get a good few for the ride.


The Mantis isthe coaster that combines speed with stunts. It goes nearly 60mph, with 6 stunts. While the rider is standing up!!


The magnum is a speedster. It goes 72mph, and at the bottom of the first hill is a blackout tunnel. There are quite a few tunnels on the ride.


As you can see the Corkscrew has 2 corkscrew stunts. It also has a virtical loop.

Top Thrill Dragster

The biggest, the fastest, and the shortest, ride at Cedar Point is the Top Thrill Dragster. The speed is 120mph, the height at 420 feet. It is second in the records for this.

Millennium Force

Near the Mantis and Maverick.You will find the 2nd beast in Cedar Point the Millennium Force. This monster is second fastest in the park at 92mph!!!! The second tallestat 310 feet!!! It is fourth in the record books in these categories.


The Maverick is also( like the Mantis) a speedster and stunter. It goes 57mph then speeds up to 70mph. It features an amazing 34 stunts!!!!!!


Launch out at 70mph with no hill!!Go through Mr.Freeze with intense speed. Then going up a hill then stoping and going through the track again and entering the staitionagain lighting fast.


In flashback startback a hill the launching out. Go through 3 loops then go through it again, backwards!!!

Batman the Ride

Experience the excitment of the superhero Batmans Rollecoaster. While hanging at Six Flags Over Texas. The first Six Flags Ever!!!!!


Located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas


The Titan is the tallest, fastest in Six Flags Over Texas,and is on the top 6 coasters in Six Flags. It goes 80mph. This bad boy is a speedster.

Texas Giant

In 1999 the Texas Giant was named the best wooden coaster in the country.


The Afterburn is the fastest at roller coaster at Carowinds at 62mph. Also the tallest at 144feet tall. And five amazing stunts.


Superman: Krypton Coaster

One of the fastest coasters in the Southwest at 70mph. And has no floor!!!

Carolina Cobra(layout)

The Carolina Cobra will be the new coaster coming out at Carowinds. It will be the 2nd fastest and 2nd tallest in the park. The coaster was originally at Geauge Lake but moved to Carowinds next year.


The Vortex takes riders 50mph and takes them through loops!!!!! By the way you do all of this while standing up.

Carolina Cyclone

The cyclone ,when it opened it was the first ride to take people upside down 4 timmes in the world!!!


The Behemoth will be located at Cedar Fair's Canada's Wonder Land. The Behemoth will be Canada's fastest and tallest coaster. At 77mph and 230 feet the Behemoth was just opened this year.


The Anaconda was the first stunting coaster to go under water.


The Dominator will be out next year. This coaster will send people at 5 stunts at 65mph. :Note this coaster like many others in Cedar Fair was once at Geauge Lake.

Storm Runner

The Storm Runner is the fastest coaster at Hersheypark at 75mph. This extreme coaster was built in 2004.


The mighty Fahrenhreit has the steepist drop in the country at 97 degrees!!! It was also broadcasted on tv as one of North America's best coasters. It was introduced this year.






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