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09/11 Road to July 6, 2012


Fall 2011

... Ahoi! A new challenbge? Bring it on!

Winter 2011/12

What was I thinking to work with teenagers in puberty..??!! I must've been crazy!

Summer 2012

Year 1 - DONE

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Dilbert Daily Strip

Lehrer-Online - Materialien

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Vorarlberg Online » VOL Liste

Proverbs and Jokes..


Dilbert Daily Strip

Plain sticky notes

Proverbs to live by..... ?

Seize the day! It's either all or nothing. Peace begins just where (too much) ambition ends. Rules are made to be broken. And if all fails..... biting a pencil crosswise will make you happy!

All roads lead to... Bregenz, Feldweg 25

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