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Get one of these ELECTRIC, BATTERY POWERED scooters!!
Just $100

How Do you get yours???

Call 917-334-0887 Mr. F
or  347-254-2400  Mr. G

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Whats the deal with these damn scooters??

I've been selling these for $100 to help an old friend out (he's in his 60s) that has about 30 of them to sell, but is old and sick and therefore cannot get around very well right now. He is being forced from his home and must raise money to live elsewhere (the building sold) I have just 1 week to sell them so that he can pay his bills. What I would be willing to do is let them go for $90 to someone that may like to take more than one...or might be able to sell them within their network. MOST are NEW and have NEVER ridin... a few are refurbished and practically new...I ride one almost every day to get around the city and LOVE it! I have extra batteries and chargers as well and would love to see these go to some cool people....

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