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Quiz Act III

1. What does Artemidorus offer Caesar in the street? a) a letter warning him about the conspiracy b) a victory wreath c) a new shield d) the crown 2. What do the conspirators do at the senate? a) kneel around Caesar b) stab him to death c) proclaim "Tyranny is dead!" d) all of the above 3. What does Antony do when he arrives at Caesar's body? a) swears allegiance to Brutus b) weeps over Caesar's body c) shakes hands with the conspirators d) all of the above 4. After the assassination of Caesar, which of the conspirators addresses the plebians first? a) Decius b) Cassius c) Antony d) Brutus 5. What is Brutus's explanation for killing Caesar? a) Caesar was ambitious b) Caesar was old c) Caesar was evil d) Caesar was weak 6. What does Antony tell the crowd? a) That Brutus is an honorable man b) That Caesar brought riches to Rome and turned down the crown c) That Caesar bequeathed all of the citizens a large sum of money d) all of the above 7. What is the crowd's response? a) apathy; they did not care for Caesar and his ambition b) indifference; Antony's rhetoric does not move them c) rage; they chase the conspirators from the city d) irritation; they are tired of Antony's constant complaints Bonus Who is Octavius? a) Antony's cousin b) Brutus's son c) Caesar's adopted son and appointed heir d) Cassius's best friend

Writer's Notebook

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I Wonder...

Example: Why do we wash bath towels when we are supposed to be clean when we use them? 8/23/11 9/16/11


8/30/11 - Fire Drill 9/9/11 - Choose a place, object, person, or scenario and describe it completely.


8/31/11 - 7 Things I Have in My Pocket 9/7/11 - 10 Things I Want for Christmas 9/13/11 - 10 ways to Do Well in School 9/20/11 - 2 questions you had the night before school started. 9/30/11 - 10 Things You Can Do with a Toothbrush Besides Brushing Teeth


9/2/11 - Homework over the weekend 9/12/11 - How do you think the 9/11 attacks affect your life, even 10 years later? 9/14/11 - What realities of life do people face no matter who they are? 9/27/11 - What do you think of the laws restricting cell phone usage of drivers? 9/28/11 - Which of the short stories that we have read has been your favorite?


9/1/11 - Terrified 9/6/11 - Labor Day 9/15/11 - Happiest Memory 9/19/11- Any memory you would like to share 9/22/11 - Dream 9/26/11 - When things turned out differently than you expected



Daily Assignments

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Tuesday, 10/4/11 Introduction to Essays Homework: Write 5 thesis statements on the topics from your list. Monday, 10/3/11 Short Story Unit Test Friday, 9/30/11 Complete study guide for unit test over Short Stories. Thursday, 9/29/11 Write the following questions for each story your group chooses: 3 Right There Questions 3 Think and Search Questions 2 Author and Me Questions 1 On My Own Question Wednesday, 9/28/11 Trail of Mary Maloney Tuesday, 9/27/11 School Pictures Reading quiz over "Lamb to the Slaughter" Is Mrs. Maloney guilty? Read several student responses from the following website: Decide which response you agree with the most and write a 2-paragraph response to it including: -reasons why you agree -evidence from the text -responses to possible arguments against your viewpoint Monday, 9/26/11 Know the three kinds of irony: Verbal- saying the opposite of what is meant Situational- results fo a situation are opposite of what we would expect Dramatic- audience knows something characters do not know (and it would change the characters' actions if they did know) Homework: Read "Lamb to the Slaughter" on pg. 316 Friday, 9/23/11 Vote for posters Practice TLI Reading Assessment Thursday, 9/22/11 Create posters for QAR Questions Wednesday, 9/21/11 QAR Questioning: Author and Me Questions, On My Own Questions Tuesday, 9/20/11 QAR Questioning: Right There Questions, Think and Search Questions Read "Armed With Only Needle and Thread" and "The Sniper" Labeled questions as RT and T&S, wrote one question of each type for "The Sniper" Monday, 9/19/11 In-Class Activity/Homework: Short Story Workshop (handout) Determine whether or not your short story meets the requirements outlined in the handout and by the SLEs. If it doesn't, make the necessary changes. If it does, compose a final draft of your story to be turned in on Friday. Friday, 9/16/11 Return word posters Small Group Discussion: Symbolism in "The Masque of Red Death" Absentees should answer the following questions, providing quotes from the text as support: What does the name Prospero suggest about that character? Why is that significant? ------------------------------------------------------ What is the literal meaning of a clock? What might the giant clock symbolize? Why is it allegorically appropriate for it to be in the seventh and final room? ------------------------------------------------------ Pg. 424- What allegorical meaning might the tall, guant figure have? ----------------------------------------------------- What allegorical meaning can you conclude the rooms have? What do you expect will happen when the prince reaches the last room? ----------------------------------------------------- What does Poe's description of the arrangement of the rooms suggest about their allegorical meaning? Which room is easternmost? Westernmost? What do east and west often symbolize? ---------------------------------------------------- Determine the symbolic significance of the rooms. What is significant about the number 7? What is significant about the colors used? What is significant about the position of the rooms? ---------------------------------------------------- According to Poe, every literary element in a story should be directly related to acheiving a "certain single effect." What is Poe's intended effect? How well does he achieve his goal? Thursday, 9/15/11 Presentation of selected stories Lecture: "The Masque of Red Death" Symbolism and Allegory Small Group Discussion: Each group was given a card with several questions on it related to a specific symbol in the story. These questions should be answered as a group and supported with textual evidence. Wednesday, 9/14/11 Finish story re-writes, catch up on writer's notebooks. Small Group: Reading/Discussing stories Ticket out the Door: Identify the five elements of plot in "The Masque of Red Death" Tuesday, 9/13/11 In-Class Assignment: 1. Underline 5 facts or details from yesterday's article that help the story make more sense to you. 2. Re-write "The Masque of Red Death" (in your own words) like as if you are one of the characters at the masquerade. Incorporate the 5 facts or details from #1 in your story. 3. Due at the end of the period. Monday, 9/12/11 Word Posters Due- Gallery Walk In-Class Activity: Annotate an article on The Plague for imagery, sound devices, comparisions, and details. Small Group Disccusion of the relationship between story and article. Friday, 9/9/11 Open book Reading Quiz on Poe's "The Masque of Red Death" Example and rubric for Mini Posters posted In-Class Activity: Annotate a passage of the story for deeper meaning using strategies presented (handout) Thursday, 9/8/11 Bellwork: Read your short story and identify the five elements of plot: Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Denouement. In-Class Assignment: Reader's Theater "The Masque of Red Death" by Poe. Classwork/Homework: Create a mini-poster (8.5x11) for the word you signed up for. Your poster should include the word, the definition, an example, and an illustration. These should be creative and are to be turned in on Monday. Wednesday, 9/7/11 Writer's Workshop and Peer Editing In-Class Assignment: Re-write your introduction and thesis Classwork/Homework: Prepare a final draft of your essay to turn in tomorrow. Tuesday, 9/6/11 Using your pre-writing and thesis from last week, compose an essay on the topic "What the things in my pocket say about me." It should be a 5-Paragraph Essay following the traditional format as outlined below: 5-Paragraph Essay I. Introduction (Hook, Background, Thesis) II. Main Point #1 (Including supporting details) III. Main Point #2 (Including supporting details) IV. Main Point #3 (Including supporting details) V. Conclusion Monday, 9/5/11 Labor Day -- No School! Friday, 9/2/11 Thesis Writing-- Include the following in every thesis: Restatement of topic, 3 main points, opinion/significance of main points. Example: Looking through my pockets, you would find my iphone, three kinds of chapstick, and seven forms of ID; while these things may not tell you much about me, they will introduce me as an indecisive, connected teacher. In-Class Assignment: Using your pre-writing from yesterday, write a thesis for the same essay. Thursday, 9/1/11 Classwork/Homework: Using the "7 things I have in my pocket" list from your writer's notebook, pre-write for an essay on the topic "What the things in my pocket say about me" using both the bubble plot and outline methods.



Bonus/Extra Assignments

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150 Bonus Points will be awarded to those who participate in the Poetry Out Loud Recitation Competition. Informational Meeting: Wednesday, Oct. 5 After school in room 241 Official schedule to follow.


The following assignments are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and may be used to boost your grade. Please note: these are not BONUS assignments, they will be graded on a rubric and you will recieve points earned out of points possible; however, these assignments cannot hurt your grade.

Extra Assignment #1

Assignment: Research the 7 deadly sins and create a mask representing each sin. These masks should be large enough to display in the classroom and should accurately describe the sin they represent. Rubric Research/Understanding (60 points) 4. Research is demonstrated in the construction of the masks. All seven are present and clearly, creatively symbolize each sin. 3. Some research is demonstrated. All seven sins are present and clearly symbolize each sin. 2. Research is demonstrated. Most sins are present, but each mask is clearly symbolic of one of the sins. 1. Research is weak. Several sins may be missing and there may not be a strong tie between each mask and its sin counterpart. Visual Appeal (40 points) 4. Masks are very creative, neat, and aesthetically pleasing. Large enough to see when hung. 3. Masks are creative, neat, and aesthetically pleasing. Large enough to see when hung 2. Masks are somewhat creative, neat, and aesthetically pleasing. May or may not be large enough to see when hung. 1. Masks are not creative, neat, or aesthetically pleasing. May not be large enough to see when hung.