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Surrey social enterprise prepares for launch


England’s largest so-called ‘social enterprise’ offering healthcare services will launch in shadow form on 1 August.


Seven-hundred community and primary care staff will then transfer from East Elmbridge and Mid Surrey primary care trust to Central Surrey Health when it officially launches on 1 October - provided it meets five conditions.


The company was set up to take over £250,000 worth of primary and community services by two of the PCT’s directors after the government announced it wanted to reorganise primary care last year (‘The co-op conundrum, pages 24-26, 13 April).


The not-for-profit company will be co-owned by up to 700 employees, using existing primary care contracting routes to provide services.


However, the new company must now demonstrate that it is committed to the PCT’s turnaround plan projects, it has taken full advice on public consultation, its board has the full ‘range of competencies’ necessary, it is ‘engaged with staff and local GPs’ and its business plan is bearing practical fruit.