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Technical Abilities

I would consider myself moderately tech savvy. When I was working full time generating spreadsheets and maintaining databases as an engineer I felt like I was more up-to-speed on how the technological world was evolving. However, the last 2 years I haven't paid much attention to the new technology that has surfaced.

Course Expectation

Much of the topics that we will cover in this course I have a basic knowledge of but lack the demonstrated proficiency necessary to incorporate in my future classroom. For example, I have dabbled with Google Docs but haven't tested the sharing of those docs with colleagues or friends. Hopefully, this class will give me the tools and the confidence to utilize the technology to the best of my ability for the benefit of my students.

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Who is Coach Q?

Hello Everyone!

How fun is this to be designing our own webpage? I'll answer that....MEGA fun!

I'm Steve Quelette and am currently half way through my Bachelor's Plus certification in Math 7-12. I grew up in Dublin but lived out of the area for 14 years. Now I'm back in Hilliard living with my mother until I finish up this schooling and decide which community I want to reside in. I currently substitute teach and coach boys soccer at Wellington. I frequently ride my bicycles and am always looking for new scenery to experience with my dog, Nutmeg. A picture of the two of us is over yonder to the right of your screen. The two widgets on the right side of this page are websites (and miniature side businesses) that I manage from time to time. If you need some dog training or a vacation, I can help!

If there's anything else you want to know about me, just ask!

~Coach Quelette

Doggie wants to play soccer!

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