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The Rookies




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Here is a list of our supporters:


Big O Tires

Jump Mania

Quik Print, Inc.


America's Incredible Pizza Company

Strafford Schools

Strafford Softball Complex

Becky Walker - Home Cleaning

Sunflower Tanning

Sunflower Greenhouse

Strafford PTA

Bryant Edgeman Masonry

Beacon Fundraising

Peggy Kepley - Floral Designer

Western Sizzlin

Wild Idea Archery

Swing Right Miniature Golf & Driving Range

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Haunted Ghost Tours

The Duttons

Veteran Memorial Museum

Jim Stafford Theatre

The Brett Family Show

Ride The Ducks

Discovery Center

Sight & Sound Theatre

Dollar Station

Ziggies Cafe

Hampton Inn

Rib Crib

Eagle Pride Automotive

The Pasta House Co.

Ryan's Grill, Buffet & Bakery

Auto Magic

Jiffy Lube

Chrystal & Manuel King

Dickerson Park Zoo

Grand Jubilee

The Great Passion Play

The Track

World's Largest Toy Museum

Social Suppers

Meal Makers


ESPN 1400

Jock 98.7


KSMU 91.1


We thank you all for your support.


If you would like to support our team for the Relay For Life, please let us know


Contact Tina Kepley at 840-8494 or email at

Team Members

Tina Kepley - Captain

Becky Walker - Co-Captain

Michael Kepley

John Walker

Rhonda Hokanson

Steve Hokanson

Deborah Ellis

Jimmy Ellis

Jennifer Price

Zanetta Gann

Kathy Edgeman

Bryant Edgeman

Jennifer Johnson

Sheri Hess

Pam Seery

Contact Us

Send email to The Rookies


3 on 3 Tourney

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3 on 3 Basketball Benefit Tournament Info





Max Evans Gym

Strafford High School


Open to Everyone Ages 3rd Grade to Adult

3 on 3 Double Elimination Tournament $10.00 per player

Free Throw Shootout $5.00 per player @ 12:00pm

All registration begins 8 AM and ends when division begins play

Divisions and Approximate Start Times:

3rd & 4th Grade – Boys                            9:00am

3rd & 4th Grade – Girls                             9:00am

5th & 6th Grade – Boys                          10:00am

5th & 6th Grade – Girls                           10:00am

7th & 8th Grade – Boys                          11:00am

7th & 8th Grade – Girls                           11:00am

Adult – Men                                              12:30pm

Adult - Women                                         12:30pm

Early registration by e-mail or

Call Michael Kepley at 736-3455 or 209-7554

Please include: name(s), age/grade, M/F, phone #

and event(s) competing in

Fees will be collected the day of tournament


for rules and more information

All proceeds will benefit the Relay For Life


3 on 3 Basketball Benefit Tournament Rules


1. Contest will be double elimination.  Each team will be guaranteed 2 games.
2. The ball will be live so there is no need to pass it in; you must give the opponent a check ball first.

3. Game is played to 21 points or 20 minutes.
4. A representative of the Relay For Life team will be present at each game.  They will be in control of the game, keep time, keep score and will help call fouls.

5. All out-of-bounds lines (including the half court line) are in effect.

6. Jump ball goes to the defensive team.

7. Games begin with coin toss to determine possession.

8. No disqualification because of fouls.

9. Only roster players allowed for entire tournament.

10. One free throw for each player on the court to settle a tie.
11. 3-point line in effect.

12. No hanging on the rim or net. Failure to obey rules can result in disqualification.

13. Check ball behind 3-point line.

14. All fouls result in free throws: 7 seconds to shoot with an automatic change of possession.
a. Common foul (non-shooting) = 1 free throw worth 2 points.
b. Shooting foul = 2 shots (make either shot worth 2 points).
c. You make it = one additional shot worth 1 point.
d. 3-point shot foul = 2 shots (make either shot worth 3 points).

15. One time out per game for each team (30 seconds).

16. Technical fouls -- First technical of tournament (2 points and ball); second technical (4 points and ball); third technical results in disqualification from tournament.

17. Any change of possession must go out to 3-point line (i.e., air ball, missed shot, steal).

Poor sportsmanship/conduct by any team may lead to an automatic win for your opponent and disqualification from the tournament!

Free Throw Shooting Contest


1. The rim and order will be determine by drawing prior to contest.
2. Each contestant will shoot from behind the free throw line and within the circle.
3. Each contestant will shoot 50 free throws.  It will consist of 5 sets of 10. 
4. Division winners will be determined by the most makes.

5. Ties will be broken by shooting 10 more free throws in 2 sets of 5.  If ties still exists, free throw shootouts of 1 free throw will occur until winner is determined.

Pancake Breakfast

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Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's North


We will be serving pancakes at the north side Applebee's on Saturday, April 18.  The cost is $5 for all you can eat with $4 going to the Relay For Life.


All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" and its battle to fight cancer.


Garage Sale

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Relay for Life Garage Sale

The Relay for Life Garage Sale will be held on May 2nd at 7:00am at the Strafford Schools.  All teams from the Strafford Relay for Life will be there.


If you have any items that you wish to donate, you can call Michael Kepley at 736-3455 or 209-7554 to schedule a pickup.


See you there.


All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" and its battle to fight cancer.


Movie Night

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Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is back.


Come join us for a free family movie night at the Lucille Cogdill Early Childhood Center at Strafford Schools.  Movies will be begin at 6:00 pm.  Free admission to the movie with donations accepted.  Refreshments will be served at the movie for a minimal charge.


All children must be accompanied by an adult.


All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" and its battle to fight cancer.

Movies & Dates

March 13 - Beverly Hills Chihuahua


April 3 - Bolt


April 17 - The Tale of Despereaux


May 15 - Hotel For Dogs

    * This movie will be help in the all purpose gym


© Walt Disney Pictures

© Walt Disney Pictures

© Universal Pictures

© Dreamworks

Incredible Pizza Company

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Incredible Pizza Company Night

May 8th - Come and join The Rookies at Incredible Pizza Company for a night of pizza and fun.


Get a flyer from a team member and come by on this night.  The team will receive 15% of all pizza buffet purchases.  Flyers will be available at the Relay For Life Garage Sale.


All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" and its battle to fight cancer.

Game Cards

We will also be selling $10 Incredible Pizza Company game cards for $10.  The team will receive $5 for each card sold.  Cards will also be sold at the Relay For Life Garage Sale.


All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" and its battle to fight cancer.


© America's Incredible Pizza Company