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Notes about the following pages

The following pages are my  favorite links, including DSL Speed-tests, security tools and sites, links to how-to guides and even some of my own stuff.  Enjoy

Oh, and the layout was optimized for my Laptop.

Where to Reach me

Email can be sent to NephrologyDon at the following:

and AudioRedneck at the following:


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Tech Bio

2001 to Current: IT Manager for medical group servering 9 commmunities covering approx 1/3 of Arkansas. 

1998 to 2001: IT Technician for USNR Hot Springs.  US Natural Resources is one of largest manufactures of wood processing equipment in the world.

1996 to current: Communications and Network consultant.  I specialize in connecting remote locations to central networks.  I also do data recovery.

1994 to 1996: IS Consultant for Hall Business Machines

1991 to 1994: Service Manager for Recheck Corp.  Managed River Valley MLS System.

Contact Info

You can use this form to reach me at  All addresses gathered from this form are considered confidential and will not be sold, transferred or redistributed - Ever.

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Data Recovery Services

NOTE: If you think you may have lost something, that your hard drive is damaged, or that your PC is hacked - TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE OR LOSS.  In most cases, some, if not all, of your data can be recover by a competent technician.

I specialize in emergency data recovery and backup solutions for small businesses in Hot Springs & Garland County in Arkansas. 

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My Favorite Albums in no order

My Audio Garage Sale

I currently have the following for sale:

Nad 1600 Preamp $175 + Shipping




Email me AudioRedneck at the following:

The Spiritual Side of Life


Book I recommend

People and Organizations Making a Difference

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Recent Study

Dec. 3 '08 Judges Chpt 2.   One of the things that is important to remember when reading Judges, and most of the 12 history books from Joshua to Esther, is that they were not written to be a book as we think of today, but are collections of writings.  So often you will find that parts of a chapter cover a time period, and the next chapter will jump back to cover an earlier time. 

Oct. 15 '08 Mark Chpt 12 -  Jesus at the temple teaching.  Often the truth hurts -  so does having a cancer removed.  Selfishness in any form is a cancer that needs to be removed from the body.  As the chapter progresses, Jesus answers the questions intended to point out any flaw he may have and uses them to show the flaws of the questioners.   As we go from Conservitive Leaders to Politicians to  Liberal Leaders to Religious Lawyers, one by one, Jesus shows his knowledge of the law and the questioners false beliefs and twisted thinking.  Each attemting to advance themselves: selfishness.  The chapter ends at the offering box where its likely many of the same questioners were making a show of giving.  Yet the selflessness of the Widows Mite, giving her all, shows how the least in the eyes of man is the greatest in the eyes of God.

Sept 2 '08 Mark Chpt 5 - Jesus healing the demon possessed man.  Never realized it, but that night, Jesus went straight to two places that were taboo in order to heal the man: tombs & pigs.  If you'll notice when you read it, the man was living in the tombs and the only time a Jew would go near a tomb was during a burial, and he would have known the pigs were near from the smell.  Yet he took the boat straight for it.  

Key Point: Are we willing to go to the dead or smelly places to save a life?

July 30 '08
Studying the Book of Mark for a few weeks. First thought that comes to mind: "God can't please everyone, so I'm not going to try."

Key Point:  Jesus is a servant looking for other servants to serve with Him.

June 18 '08
Just finish the Book of Job with my Wednesday Night Men's Group.  The original source of "With friends like these, who needs enemy's". 

Key Point: In trials, my job is not to lookout for #1, but to look out for others.

My Life In Books


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Recently Read or Reading Now

The Source by James H. Mitchner (done)
The Science of Sherlock Holmes by E.J. Wagner (done)
The Shack by William P. Young (done)

My Recent Recommended Reading in Tech

Windows Vista Beyond The Manual by Hassell & Campbell
Backup & Recovery by W. Curtis Preston
Windows Vista Administration: The Definitive Guide



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What and Why

My Roadmap to Cyberspace

This is my list of book marks to everything on the Internet.  This list only gets updated every once in a while, so some may be dead.  Most of the sites have nothing to do with me - they are just fun or interesting.  You will also find that many of the links that are political in nature offer opposing views.

This page updated as needed and time allows.