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Welcome to the Taylor Page

Hello I would like to welcome you to the Taylor Home page.








Taylor Princess

Marissa Innocent

Should have known that she was going to be trouble then, look at those beady "big" eyes.

Cute smile

Marissa happy, or gas.

Marissa Smiling

Sitting in a shopping cart

'Rissa Relaxing

Waiting for football

Marissa in a cart

Jadyn Easter

Halloween Marissa

I'm styling

Taylor Grils playing together

Jadyn Halloween 06

Little Super girl

Jadyn & Meagan

Jadyn & Meagan in the Windy City

J's Fish Face

At 1 y/o

My Kids

I hope that they grow up to be someone special someday.

My Pretty Girls

Jadyn & Marissa

At birth

Marissa Renee Taylor (Day of birth)

Taylor Girls

My Angels

Jadyn's halo slightly skewed

Marissa spacey

Watching Football

Marissa Strectching

And now I'm ready!

Carrie Smiling

Cheese, looks like Jadyn's smile

Mi Familia

My family

Pre Marissa

Will update the family picture soon

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Taylor looking pretty



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