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“How you use technology in education is MORE important that if you use it at all.” David Thornburg




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Handbag Scavenger Hunt

Participants will have 15 minutes to collect the items in the following list.  The group to finish first or the group with the most items after the 15 minute time limit wins!


1.                 A quarter from the 90’s

2.                 Picture of sibling or parent

3.                 Tic Tac

4.                 Paperclip

5.                 Peppermint

6.                 Toothpick

7.                 Antacid (Tums, Rolaids, etc.)

8.                 Button

9.                 Mirror

10.             Tweezers

11.             Movie ticket

12.             Receipt

13.             List (of any kind)

14.             Business card

15.             Band-Aid

16.             Something over 5 years old

17.             Hand sanitizer

18.             Safety pin

19.             Coupon

20.             Calendar

21.             Rubber band

22.             Kleenex

23.             Fingernail clippers

24.             ½ of a pair

25.             Eyelash curlers or mascara

Podcast Outline

Podcast Planning


Although you do not want you podcast to seem as though it is being read, it is important to spend the time creating a script as well as planning recording and editing session.  As you plan, keep the following in mind:



Who is your target audience? _______________________________________


What is the goal of your podcast? ____________________________________



How long do you wish your podcast to be? ______________________________

How often do you wish to podcast?  (monthly, bimonthly, weekly, a single topic)___________________________________________________________

If you want to create a series of podcasts (episodes), consider creating a tagline for your show as well as a name.______________________________________




How many speakers will there be? ____________________________________


How many segments will be in each episode? ___________________________


Script: Plan your script here.










Digital Storytelling



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Lesson Plan








Subject Area(s) Addressed:


Grade Level(s)/Course:


Date Submitted:


Lesson/Unit Duration:



Lesson/Unit Title


Lesson/Unit Outcome


Academic Standards Addressed

(List source & #)


Technology Standards

(List source & #)


Teacher-Led Activities

(Introductory Lesson)


Student-Centered  Activities









Resources Needed

Content resources  (books, Articles, speakers, handouts, materials, etc.)

Software/Web Resources (CD- ROM’s, URLs, etc.)





Hardware (computers, TV, VHS, etc)

Other media, video, satellite, etc.




Student Assessment




Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Technology Integration Workshop Agenda

Length: 6 hours




Discussion of objectives:


Upon completion of this session, you will:

  1. understand benefits of Digital StoryTelling to student learning.
  2. identify digital storytelling techniques.
  3. use software to create a Digital Story correlated to district frameworks.
  4. develop a lesson plan that utilizes Digital Storytelling with students.
  5. share strategies developed and products prepared with the group.

Independent work and process: Digital Storytelling


Follow this link when instructed:
Links for independent review:


ü > search digital storytelling


Locate copyright free photographs and/or images to use in the video project you will later create. Save to your folder.


Use the Step-by-Step Approach handout to guide you along in the process.

Using Photo Story®: group


¨       Open Internet Explorer to

¨       In the frame along the left, choose Downloads.

¨       If the list of XP download products doesn’t display, type Photo Story in the search box along the top (search in downloads)

¨       Photo Story 3 for Windows (release date 4/6/2005) should be close to top

¨       Follow links to continue and download (install, run). Complete install wizard.

If you get the message to install Media Player 10, install and repeat as needed.




Independent work and process: Create your Digital Story


Plan your story.

A storyboard template is online-


Using the tutorial as needed, add components to your project. You can return and edit when microphone is available.


You must include:

¨       Titles

¨       Narrated audio

¨       Credits

¨       Transitions


Be sure to save the Photo Story project as a movie file.




Lesson Plan


¨    Use the Lesson plan template online to make a complete plan for using your Digital Story. Include framework strands.

¨    Develop learning activities for students to create digital stories using Photo Story. These plans can be separate strategies or included in the first plan. Be sure to identify introduction to the software and time management for computer use.

¨    Develop or locate a rubric for student assessment. Search at RubiStar,


All files should be saved. Email as attachments to your preferred account.

Sharing of products

Notes, ideas:









Delete all files and folders.

Closing paperwork

Step-by-step guide

A Step-By-Step Approach to Creating a Digital Story
from Materials Found On the Web

PART ONE: Define, Collect, Decide

  1. Select a topic for your digital story.
  2. Create a folder on the desktop where you can store the materials you find.
  3. Search for image resources for your story, including: pictures, drawings, photographs, maps, charts, etc.  -Save these resources in your folder.
  4. Try to locate audio resources such as music, speeches, interviews, and sound effects.
    -Save these resources in your folder.
  5. Try to find informational content, which might come from web sites, word processed documents, or PowerPoint slides. -Save these resources in your folder.
  6. Begin thinking of the purpose of your story. Are you trying to inform, convince, provoke, question?

PART TWO: Select, Import, Create

  1. Select the images you would like to use for your digital story.
  2. Select the audio you would like to use for your digital story.
  3. Select the content and text you would like to use for your digital story.
  4. Import images.
  5. Import audio.
  6. Modify number of images and/or image order, if necessary.

PART THREE: Decide, Write, Record, Finalize

  1. Decide on the purpose and point of view of your digital story.
  2. Write a script that will be used as narration in your digital story AND provides the purpose and point of view you have chosen.
  3. Use a computer microphone and record the narration of your script.
  4. Import the narration.
  5. Finalize your digital story.

PART FOUR: Demonstrate, Evaluate, Replicate

  1. Show your digital story to your colleagues.
  2. Gather feedback about how the story could be improved, expanded, and used in your classroom.
  3. Teach a colleague how to create their own digital story.

Congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Web 2.0






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Video Activity

Video Activity

1.       Was this a project you felt could be used with your students?

2.       Did this project inspire you to ask a question of your own?

3.       Did anything in this project make you take notice?

Rich text note

Article Activity

What steps did the students take to work on their project?

What curriculum standards did the students meet through work on their project?

What was the role of the teacher?

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NTL April 10



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Scavenger Hunt

All About Me

Scavenger Hunt (3-12)

Use the Internet to find some interesting things about yourself!



1. The Day I Was Born
dMarie Time Capsule - On this Day In History
See what happened on the day and year you were born.

2. What’s In A Name?
Look at the Etymology of Names web site to find out what your name means. Be sure to click the Popularity button to see how popular your name is too!

3. How Old Am I?
Calculate how many hours and minutes old you are.

4. More of Me?
Check out the Yahoo People Search web page to see if your phone number and/or address are listed:
Are there other people who have the same name as you? How many? Others with the same last name?

5. What does your phone number spell?
Enter your phone number and see what words can be created to represent it.

6. How tall will I be?
Answer a few questions and let the computer predict how tall you will be.


7. Stress-o-meter
Take this quiz to get your personal stress profile

8. .Kidzworld “Me” Quizzes:
Complete one or more of the following:

What kind of nerd are you?

What kind of friend are you?

What’s your job personality?





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                           Ideas for the Classroom

1.      Flip Camera uses in the Classroom- Flip%20Camera-


2.     Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement with a Flip Camera-


3.     43 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom


4.     Best Resource Sites for Using Flip Cameras

Cell Phone






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Text 55927 and your answer


To:  22333







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