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Welcome to my Protopage!

As the Intervention Specialist for St. Clair County, my goal is making academic and behavioral interventions easy to access and use . My hope is that this protopage will make it easier for you to reach all learners.

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Contact Information

Valerie Turpin

Intervention Specialist

St. Clair County RESA

Academic Transitional Academy

1520 Michigan Rd

Port Huron, MI 48060


I believe....

"With time and support, ALL students will learn."

Tumble Books

Access Tumble Books  through the SCC Library!
Go To:
Choose: Access Databases
Click on Tumble Books!


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My Workshops at RESA

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Free VIrutual Manipulatives for Math


It's all about the kids....

Interventions & Strategies


Interventions and Strategies Sites

Students with Disabilities

Vocabulary Intervention

Behavior Report Tool

Phonemic Awareness Interventions

Comprehension Interventions

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This Page....

The goal of this page is to link you to strategies and interventions to promote student learning.

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Web page


Thinking Routines

Web page

Resources (non-specific)


Great Resource Links!

ELA sites!

Math Sites

Science & Social Studies Sites

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Text Readers

Premeir AT: text reader (cost, unless district has grant) Thinking Reader: (cost) -Select novels read, questions and various tools included

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Dragon Naturally Speaking:: speech to text option (cost)


Jott: :  speech to text (free!)

Kit Hard's Blog


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Protopage 101

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Using Protopage

To get to the various topics (shown on top), you need only click the tab of your choice. Each page has a variety of widgets. Many of the boxes (widgets) have direct links to useful websites. To access the information, you can click on the words. Each page will look similar, but have different information. Some widgets have documents. To view more of the document you need to click and drag on the tiny arrow at the bottom right of the widget.

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Please email me if you have questions! Also, if you created a protopage at my workshop, I would love to view the page! Email me with your link! Thanks! turpin.valerie

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If others are not able to view your protopage, you will need to click on the double arrow found on the top right of your page. You would then need to go to the very top left tab and click on that arrow. Select "Public" to make it a public category. This allows viewers to see your page, but not make changes to it. If you want people only able to see your page with a password, you would keep it on "restricted category." If you want to e the only one on earth to see it....choose "Private."

Adding Power Points

If you would like to upload a power point to your page, use Slide Share ( and then choose the HTML widget.

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Easy PDF converter: ....It is pretty easy to do, you sign up and then select "browse" to decide which items you would like to convert to PDF. Once it is converted, it saves it to your desktop (or wherever you select).

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The web page widget allows you to show a page on your protopage. If there is a certain spot you want to view, you need to be on that page when you copy the http. Also, if there is a PDF online, and you choose that page, it will let your viewers print from that page.

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Create a slideshow of pictures at, get the "HTML Code" and add it to this widget.  (Be sure to choose HTML on the bottom)

Finding Useful Videos

Search, view and download  videos on the web at This host site allows you access to good educational videos.

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Use this wicky to upload videos and slide show presentations.

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Uploading Documents to PP

To upload a word document WITH printing features you will need to turn it into a PDF file. 


Next: go to to upload your document to the web.  Once you have register (free) you will click UPLOAD.  Select browse, and choose what you want to upload.  It takes seconds, and when it is complete scroll down to the area that has a choice of url code and an embed code. 


Copy the EMBED code to paste into a HTML sticky note. Mark HTML on the bottom left and then "paste" the info into the widget.  You may not see anything, but if you click save, you will.  Once that widget is saved, you should see the actual file and a frame that is from Scribd.  Viewers will be able to select print or save under the Iservice tab.

You can upload Publisher docs, too!



Episode 1

Valerie Turpin's Podcast

Podcast and Protopage

An Example of Podcasting on Protopage

Content-Rich Webpages: Kathy Schrock


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UDL and Differentiation


UDL sites

Varied Text

Differentiation Sites

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Think about it.....

In a classroom of diverse learners, there is no single method of instruction that can meet the needs of all learners.

Universal Design for Learning

"Kids need to get info, undersand it, and enjoy it." -Jon Mundorf Florida Classroom Teacher 1. Are they all getting the information:? 2. What can I do to engage them? 3. Are they engaged?

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Teaching and the 3 Networks...UDL

Recognition (Representation):  Graphic Organizers, Podcasts, DIgital Text, Digital Media


Strategic (Expression):  Diigo, Google Notebook and Earth, Flip Video, Voice Thread,  Podcasts


Affective (Engagement):  Choice, challenge, relevance, interest, engaging

UDL Lesson Plan

This is a link to a HS social studies unit, done the UDL way....

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Accessible Books!

Web page

UDL Guidelines




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Helpful templates for Co-Teachers

coteaching handouts for teachers

Co-Teaching Video

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Todo lists

Co-Teaching "To do" list

8 Factors to think about:
Goals and objectives
Planning and instruction
Responsibility for students
Assessment and grading
Materials and space
Classroom management
Administration support

Web widgets

Collaborative Teaching Rubric -Sample

Article on Inclusion

Co-Teaching Models - Video Snippets

Article on Team Teaching

CEC article on Co-Teaching



ECSD 9/3/09

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Response To Intervention


Implementing RtI

RtI in other communities

LLC 3/29/10

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RtI Briefing Powerpoint

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