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Chemistry Video Reivews by Topic

Chemistry Links

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Email: Extra Help is on Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool during 9th period.

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Regents Review Documents

1.  Regents Chemistry Vocabulary 

2.  Chemistry Concepts Notes by Topic

3.  Review of Old Exams: Questions linked to Concept -- Using several old exams, I identified what concept was being tested for each question.  This will help to see how the test repeats itself.

4.  50 Forgotten Facts

5.  125 Things You Cannot Get Wrong  and Answer Key

6.  Reference Table Review and Answer Key

7.  Condensed Chemistry Review

8.  Powerpoint Review

9.  In Terms of Review

Topic by Topic Review

1.  Math and Measurement ------ Answer Key
2.  Physical Behavior of Matter ------ Answer Key
3.  Atomic and Periodic Table ------ Answer Key
4.  Chemical Bonding ------ Answer Key
5.  Stoichiometry and Moles ------ Answer Key
6.  Kinetics and Equilibrium ------ Answer Key
7.  Acids, Bases and Salts ------ Answer Key
8.  Electrochemistry and Redox ------ Answer Key
9.  Organic Chemistry ------ Answer Key
10.  Nuclear Chemistry ------ Answer Key

Atomic Structure

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Atomic Notes

Click the Links Below
1. Development of Atomic Theory
2. Electron Arrangement
3. History of the Atom Info Graphic

Atomic Test Review

Atomic Test Thursday 10/3

Review Sheet Answer Key
Blank Copy of Review Sheet

See Atomic Structure Tab for Links to classroom notes.
Good Luck!  
Happy Studying!

Nuclear Chemistry

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Nuclear Notes

Nuclear Chemistry Notes

Half-Life Tutorial Video 

Periodic Table

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Periodic Notes

1.  In class notes

2. Old notes 

Period Table Videos

1.  Crash Course Chemistry - Periodic Table

2. Atomic Radius, Ionization Energy and Electronegativity