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Words of the Week

Oct. 12-15 are, in, it, to, or Oct. 18-22 this, if, him, big, did Oct. 25-29 into, will, little, I'm, said November 1-5 Review of words so far...

Word Family Center

Lets Make Words! Add letters to the beginning of each word family ending to make new words! _at add c to make CAT _an add f to make FAN _in add p to make PIN _it add qu to make QUIT _ick add l to make LICK _op add m to make MOP Add some letters to make your own!

October News

UNICEF Our school UNICEF Campaign begins on Oct. 13th. An orange permission slip will be sent home on the 13th and must be returned on the 15th. In the past, this campaign has raised about $700 per year for UNICEF's efforts to build and maintain schools for countries in need. Please support our students in their campaign to help those in need around the world! The UNICEF Campaign ends on Oct. 27.



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