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Fun Fun Fun

Have Fun With My Site

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More Picture's

Click Here To Find More Picture's Of Drew's Dog Bea!!!!

New Page!!

Note: There Are Two New Pages Coming Soon One Will Be Fun Stuff And One With Be An Information Page!!

Techers Page Info.

Here Is A Little Picture Of My Teacher's Page Click Here For A Full View Of My Teaher's Page Her Name Is Mlle.Renee Bourgoin



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My Teachers Page


Drew's Dog Bea!

This Is A Picture Of My Friend Drew's Dog Bea! Is'nt She Adorable?

Guinea Pig


Video's Of Berry

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Video's Of Berry Info.

To The Left You will See A Link For A Video Click On that To See The Video. Its A Bunch Of Pictures And Videos

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Note: This Is Not My Guinea Pig I Found It On Google Search (Google) But When I Find My Camera I Will Post Picture's Of My Guinea Pig On This Site I Would Put Video's But I Dont Think I Can But i Might Just Post The Video's On Youtube (Youtube) And Then Post Some Links On My Site

Awesome News

I Have The Best news Ever: I Got A.............................GUINEA PIG She Is So Awesome She's A Girl 1 Year Old And Shes Black And Brown + Her Name Is Berry ( I Did'nt Name Her That She Already Had  A Name When I Bought Her At Animal Essentials For 40:00$ 39.99 ) I Would Put Some Pictures Of Her On My Site But I Cant Find My Camera And Even If I Could She Likes To Hide So..........

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Here Is One Picture I Just Took Of Her I Found Out I Could Take The Top Off Her Hut And I Managed To Find My Camera!!


Guinea Pig

Here Is A Picture Of A Cute Guinea Pig!!( Not As Cute As My Little Berry)


Here Is Berry Is'nt She Just Adorable? The Flash scared Her!

Fun Stuff

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To Play A Different Game

1.Put Your Mouse On The Bar At The Top Of The Game You Just Played

2.Click The Arrow

3.Move Your Mouse Away And There You Go!!

Create A Ride Info.

In The Game Create A Ride Click On VIN Nuber And My Codes Are Below You Have To Backspace What Is There And Type Mine Or Copy/Paste:




To Play

1. Drag Your Mouse Over The Game You Wish To Play

2.Click On the Little Corner At The Top Left Corner

4. Click On the Game

3. Your Ready To Play!!Enjoy!

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