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Khorin, Adhar - Biodata

Adhar Khorin
Chief Operating Officer
Portsmouth Shipyards [PORTS]

Trivium is hiring; convo me in game for more information.

Musings of a Corporation Developer

9/25/06 - Hmm, 4 months
Four months since my last note; shame on me.  I'll use the excuse that actually growing the corporation has been much more absorbing than writing about it.  Yes, that's it. 

Blatant Plug: For those of you Terra Novans who visited from the naming post, if you're EvE players, Portsmouth is looking for mature mining/industrial types.  Most of our members have careers and families in the physical world, so we're a fairly relaxed bunch.  Thanks for dropping by!

5/25/06 - Incentive Planning
Corporate leadeship is currently developing some membership incentive plans to encourage participation in corporate operations.  As the corp. gains a stronger base of members and a stronger footing, we have the ability (and obligation) to provide benefits to the people who make it possible.

Some recently posed ideas:

Portsmouth News

Only one war at the moment, things are going well, recruitment is continuing, and the senior members continue to develop amazing new talents for blowing things up, whether ships or asteroids.

Wars are over, and production will be ramping up quickly.