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MS. MCWilliams Questions

What is The State Report from MS. McWilliams?
What is the persuasive writing assignment.?
What are Role Sheets for the Reading Circles?
Can you do extra credit September?

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Have you ever played Mad Libs?  This is the same idea. Fill in the blanks and return to Mrs. McWilliams during the first week of school for your first extra-credit stamp on your card. DO NOT use the same word twice.  Use descriptive words.

All About Me


My name is ________________________.  I am the __________ child in my family. I live in a _____________ house  with a ____________ _______________ and a 

_______________ ____________________. 


In my spare time, I like to ______________,  __________, and sometimes I even get to ______________________. 


My best friends are _________________ and ____________.  I would really like to hang out with ______________________________. 


In school my best subject is ____________________.  I don’t like _________________________ at all.  The best activity I ever did in school was_____________________. I liked it because of the_____________________________.


I think fifth grade is going to be ________________ and ___________________.  I think I will have the most difficulty with________________________.  Mrs. McWilliams seems ____________________.   This sheet was ____________________________.  

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