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s2computing. Amber ;]


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Plain sticky notes

Learning Intentions

-I will have set up a website using freeway -I will know how to insert hyperlink -I will have added a table and the Healthy Living Information to my site -I will have started my own website

Amber Milne

- Ambermilne - Thirteeen - Firrhill - Second year - Stella Thomson; Effie Saunders; Nancy Arnott; Margeret Mortimer; Pamela Mein; Davina Robertson; Anne Birch; OMG BTW CBA TBH

Learning intentions

1. Colourful 2. Mix of media 3. Not complicated 4. Not complicated

Sticky note

-I willbe able to create andsave a song in garage band -I iwll be able to add/delete and manipulate various loops -I will be familiar with the base interface and functions in garage band

Learning intention

- i will have thought what makes a good website -i will have looked at and evaluated

Learning intentions

- i will have set up my own website using freeway - i will have added info on my intrests - i will have inserted hyperlinks between pages and other sites

Web widgets

Google Maps