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What we are attempting to achieve at ambition is simple - it is to address ownership of information and to make applicant tracking simple.

What we want is that once an employer has selected you to join their company  your employment details and ambition are stored in their database such that when you update your personal details you can be assured that your employer knows about it without having to notify the HR department.

The solution is elegant and simple and takes minutes to perform. You simply use Google to store your CV, Cover Letters, Life Story and Training Record.  Unlike a traditional CV which is limited to two pages Ambition really allows you to sell yourself, When I had to maintain a professional CV my training spreadsheet contained about three pages of information alone - sadly lost in time, containing courses like - Speed Reading, Effective Listening, Effective Presentations, Finance for Non Financial Managers and a Modern Marketing Experience, all of which have no place on a traditional CV.

Ambition is a new way of presenting you - It will demonstrate that you have strong www communication skills in the you will show that you are a Long Life Learner.

My personal learning skills are at http://protopage/digitalchampions  - We expect you to do the same.

So to summerise - Get busy on Google writing your BIO and creating your Training Spreadsheet.
Then create your Wix CV.

When completed add your details to our Google Speadsheet using Google Forms on this site.

We will monitor progress - When we reach a critical mass we will invest in creating a SQL Server Database Application. We are not going to invest any time in this project till we see that we have your attention.



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Alan and Paul CV



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PGA Systems

Hi Dave 

Because of you we have lost 12 years of our lives - the least you can do is stay in contact so we can move forward as an equal partnership now.

Facebook Announcement

After 19 years in development and 12 years in assurance testing project Nimrod is complete and ready to trade.

Would everybody who knows Adam with your own business please now contact me at redoctopus business with the URL of your web site.

If you have a business but no website please state the nature of your business and we will create you a free SSNA responsive / Active Website worth £1,000

If you are aware of anybody wanting to start a business and wants training on how to start up a business please send me contact detail.

Red Octopus has today formed a partnership with a web hosting company - I should have been contacted by the CEO Today to agree conditions of engagement.

Aan Bramwell
CEO Design House / PGA Systems / Extra Unit Ltd(p) / Systems House / BBCommuniSyS Ltd(p) / Red Octopus Business Services Ltd

PGA Systems has been in operation since 1975 providing mainframe solutions for golf. In 1983 the decision was made not to enter the PC market after the Implementation of UniStar. MPJ declared PC development off limit and we were constrained to providing mainframe packages.

The PC Division of PGA Solutions moved into computer gaming and an attempt was made to create Monopoly - The technology was not up to the scale of the project and we never went to market due to memory constraints. However we did produce Q and went to market. Q was replaced by Windows 3.1.

Alan Current IT CV - April 2019




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Cover Letter


Thank You for E.mailing this is the first contact I have had from you since you contacted me on Linked in. There must be an issue with your E.Mail.

The status is this - I have accepted your offer to work with Red Octopus and have made changes to Red Octopus System to show that Red Octopus Hosting is services by Green Cloud for UK Services and Godaddy for International Servics

I phoned on Friday to contact Management Green Cloud - but no body got back to me. I contacted you again on Friday and still no body got back to me. I contacted Green Cloud Service Desk on Saturday for a comment about Green Cloud for OnBoard Promotions - my Multimedia Marketing company.

I was phoned by a gentleman from Venom this morning but he did not leave a name and said he would get back to me.

The press announcment which I am about to make is that Alan Bramwell - Manchester City Council has elected to work with Green Cloud, Venom and Swinton Insurance (Swinton are seeking a Scrum Master). 

I will be attached to Green Cloud as a Multi Media Director for OnBoard Solutions. I will be looking to Green Cloud to create their own news print an to publish it in my local newspaper Lokhul Reporter.
I wanted to discuss terms and condition with you before announcing this.

Thank you for your LinkedIn Interest in Red Octopus) .

Alan Bramwell 

(Scrum Master - Design House)
(Community Guardian BA019 - Manchester City Council)
(CEO Red Octopus Business Services)

A copy of this text has been included on my personal CV at 

If this is not to your satiation - I have phoned you again today to talk with you - but again I can not get in touch. I have looked for Venom on Google and I have not found them. I need a contact with them asap.

On 1 Apr 2019, at 11:30, Kamran Maqbool <> wrote:

Hello Alan

I had hoped I would be able to get in contact with you to discuss how Green Cloud Hosting can help with your Cloud Hosting requirements, but I haven’t heard a response to my emails. I don't want to become a nuisance, so this will be my last email to you. If you change your mind and would like to learn more about Green Cloud, please let me know and we can arrange a convenient time to speak.

Although we're specialists in Citrix Hosted Desktops, we also provide Amazon web services and online backup. Take a look at our website for more information.

Thanks for your time and all the best!


Kamran Maqbool - Did you know this was sent using our Cloud technology
Green Cloud Hosting
Rapid. Reliable. Secure
Tel 0800 019 3878

Work In Progress CV

I have been in continuous employment for Design House since 1976 where I was appointed member of the management team at Ingersoll Rand by Colin Roberts - I was requested by Colin the head up his Operations Team. Under Colin I was identified as being a high flyer and that i should be given given every opportunity.

I worked with Colin again at Hosknys where I was given the Darlington Chemicals load, Kenneth Wilson Load, Courtaulds Deal. Powergen Project, Time Gate Computer Services and Dairy Crest Management (Mid Range System 36) 
I was tasked to transfer IBM Skill from Manchester to the ICL Site in Birmingham and to set up teams to support the load. At Gravely Park Design House formed Limited Company Extra Unit to manage the Royal Mail Parcel Force Project working with UK leading Payroll and HR supplier. I was tasked to set up teams for the Uni2000 mainframe team where I was to manage PS Associate Consultants and RM Operations staff plus I had to oversee the PS 2000 HR PC development in Advanced Revoltion.

This is a part cv - more to follow.

Alan Bramwell 
(CEO Design House / Red Octopus Business Service Limited)
(Community Guardian BA019)

Green Onions


Green Onions

Education Services - Click me

NHS Ambition Appraisal Form




Midnight Suns



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Lucy CV

My ambition is to Rock and Roll all over the world with my friends and family and meet diverse peoples and cultures,

AAA(A) Tripple A Podcast FacX-TV



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AAAA Ambitions

A Agile 
A Apollo
A Ambition
A Amalgamated

M Management
B Bi annual
I Information
T Technology
I Input
0 Outpout
N DiamoNd - UnioN 
S Silver -Selftaught Schoolboy

The objective of this exercise is to create a soluion similar to The Amalgamated Engineering Union which recognises skills by card colour.

Diamond White - Technical Associate Consultant.
Green - Time servered proven technition from a modern apprenticeship scheme
Blue - Traditional College Graduate
Yellow - Industry Certified
Red - Non Technical . Managerial

Membership to the union is a suplementary payment of £50 per bi-annual payment. £120 Annually (£10 Per Month). On top of ACAS subscriptions.  

Video Conferencing



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To really sell yourself to an employer invite then to join you in a conference get employers competing for your skills.

I have had experience of Microsoft Teams - It works well!

Before you extend yourself into a conference experience try Face Chat where you can ask an employer to log on to your protopage website with a password of facechat to exchange views on your interview presentation.

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