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Welcome to the Anne Frank site!

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The Anne Frank house

The Anne Frank house is located in Amsterdam.

The Frank family

The Frank family included Margot, Edith Frank, Otto Frank, and Anne

Welcome to the Anne Frank site!

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Anne Frank

Despite everything, I still think people are good at heart.

Anne Frank's Life

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Anne's Life and Diary

Anne's Life and Diary by Kat

Anne's Life and Diary

Anne Frank, born "Annelies Frank," was a troubled Jewish girl living in World War Two, a war where Hitler, a German dictator, used propaganda and speeches to promote the idea that Jewish people, people who have the religion of "Judaism," were causing all of Germany's problems. Adolf Hitler was elected dictator of Germany, and that only brought more trouble to Jewish and German people. The Jewish people were required to sew "Stars of David," on all of their clothing that symbolized they were Jewish. The star said "Jood" on it, which means Jewish. Jewish people were highly mistreated, which made life hard for many of them, including the Franks. The Franks included Otto and Edith Frank, and their daughters, Margot (Mar-go) and Anne. Margot was 3 years older than Anne. For Anne's thirteenth birthday, she received a diary that she addressed as "Kitty," from her father, Otto Frank. Anne was told three weeks after her birthday that she and her family were to go into hiding, due to a letter received for Margot for her to report to a Jewish work camp. The family went into hiding in a warehouse, where Otto Frank worked. He had people help him move in, and people like Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl supplied food and clothes for the family. Since you can't talk during the day in the annexe, it was a disappointment for Anne, who earned the nickname "Mistress Chatterbox" in school. She told Kitty everything from life in hiding to events in WW2. Unfortunately, two years after in hiding, she was found out and arrested. Anne and Margot died in Bergen Belsen concentration camp. They lost their lives to Typhus in 1944. Miep Gies saved the diary, and when Otto returned, he decided to publish Anne's diary. The diary is very inspirational and very many copies have been sold.

Virtual Exhibit

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to go to an online exhibit of Anne Frank's life and diary.

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Watch the Unfinished Story


Anne Frank

Anne had great goals to be a writer or a journalist

The Annexe

This is the front of the warehouse where the "Secret Annexe" is located. It is now a museum for all to see.

Peter Van Daan

This is the son of the Van Daans that Anne eventually grew very close to.

Anne's Diary

This is the published version of Anne's Diary

Anne Frank

Anne Frank enjoyed sunbathing on the roof of her apartment building.

Anne Frank's Hollywood Dream

Anne always wanted to be famous, and go on after her death. Her dream only came true after she died.

WW2 Heroes and Villians

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Franklin D. Roosevelt/FDR

Franklin was the 32nd president of the U.S.. Before WW2(World War 2) FDR helped Britain, Soviet Union, France, and other countries fighting Germany with supplies. He died before the war in April 1945.

Harry S. Truman

Harry became the 33rd president of the U.S. when FDR died. Mr.Truman decised to drop two atomic bombs on Japan which quickly brought the end to WW2.

Adolf Hitler

The German dictator who started the war, World War 2. He created a great German state for his people. He wanted the extinction of European Jews. In 1945, he committed suicide underground in Berlin when the Allie forces were near.

Benito Mussolini

Mussolini was a fascist that ruled Italy 1922 to 1943. He controlled Italy's media and military. He sided with Nazi Germany during World War 2.

General Hideki Tojo

The Japanese prime minister for most of the war(until the year 1944). He was the one who commanded and ordered his military to commit Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Tojo shot himself before getting arrested after Japan surrendered. He survived but got executed as a criminal of the war in the year 1948.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

An army general, he was the supreme commander of all the Allie forces in World War 2. He planned the invasion Operation Overlord which helped the Allies defeat Hitler and his army. Later on, Dwight became the 34th president of the U.S later on.

Sir Winston Churchill

Churchill was the prime minister of Britain during WW2. He was able to inspire his people to great patriotism. The patriotism gave courage through the war.

Joseph Stalin

Mr.Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1928 to1953. He is known for changing the Soviet Union to a superpower. He was also known for millions of death in labor camps. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union he became an Allie force.

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Benito Mussolini









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Time Line

1914-18 World War 1. Otto Frank fights in German army. 1919-Nazi party begins. 1926-Birth of Margot frank, Anne's older sister. 1929-June 12th, Anne Frank is born. 1933-January:Adolf Hitler elected leader of German government. March 23rd, same year,Hitler takes total control of power. April 1st, Official boycott of all Jewish shopkeepers, doctors and lawyers is made a law. Otto Frank goes to Amsterdam and starts a business. Then he is joined by his wife and children. 1939-September 1st Germany invades Poland. 1940-April 9th Germany invades Denmak and Norway. May 10th Germany invades Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. May 15th, Holland surrenders to Germany. 1941 December 7th, Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The next day the United States declares war on Japan. Then, three days later, Germany and Italy declare war on the United States. 1942-June12, Anne Frank's 13th birthday. She is given a diary. 1944, The Frank family goes into hiding in Amsterdam. 1944-June 6th, D-Day. Allies land in Normandy, France and begin pushing Germans out of France. That same year from August to September The Frank's got caught in hiding. August 1st, Anne wrote her last entry in her diary. Three days later everyone that was hiding got arrested and sent to the Concentration Camps. Then, in September, the American army reaches the German border. Next, in October, Margot and Anne were split apart from their parents and sent to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. 1945-February-March, Margot and Anne get Typhus. Margot dies. Anne dies shortly after her sister. 1945-May 8th, German army surrenders 1947, The Secret Annex, Anne's diary is published in Holland............


The Secret Annexe

A picture of Anne's bedroom in the annexe.

Portrait of Adolf Hitler

This is a portrait of Adolf Hitler.


This is a picture of Anne's diary "kitty."

Otto Frank

This is Anne's father, Otto Frank inside a page of her diary.

The Bookcase

The Jewish Star

Jewish people had to wear this star. It was a law that the s.s. had made.


the Axis was a name for the german Army


The Allies was a name for the Americans that saved the Jews.

Salute to Hitler

This was a salute that people gave to Hitler. It was a sign of 100%power over all.

Speech from Hitler

Hitler is making a speech in the picture

Benito Mmousellini

This is Benito Mmousellini. he is also a dictator that helped Hitler.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank, 1929-1944

Miep Gies

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A lot of people had helped Jewish folk that were in hiding. Meip Gies, a secretary at Otto Frank's company was one of the important helpers to the Van Daans and the Frank family. She had risked her life everyday.She had forged coupons to buy enough food and milk for the group. Luckily, the Nazis, (SS) never caught Meip. The SS would be harsh on anyone found helping Jews.

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An Interview With Meip


Meip Gies

This is what Meip Geis looked like in the 1900's.

Meip Gies

This is Meip Gies today. She is still alive to tell her story about the Frank family in hiding. Meip was born in 1909 on February 15th. She is now 98 years old.

Falling for Lies

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Hitler used many ways to persuade the Germans into thinking that the Jewish people caused all their problems. One of the ways he did this was called Propaganda.He did this by advertising signs saying,"Put it ALL your power in the job". The Germans were not afraid to put crude or racial words or caricatures in the signs.

Ways Thet Were Used Propaganda

There were many ways to use propaganda in World War Two. One of the ways Hitler used it was on posters and billboards. Another way Hitler used Propaganda is on the radio. Two of the people who mainly used this are a girl named Sally who was from Germany, and a girl named Rose who was from Tokyo. They used propaganda to install fear in a group pf people so they would have more support.

Mistreating the Jews

During World War Two the Jews were being mistreated. One of the ways the Jews were being mistreated is they would be sent to a concentration camp to be gassed and killed. The Jewish people would also have to wear a star on their clothes with the word Jood on it which means Jewish in Dutch.

Goals and Strategies pf Propaganda

*To install fear n a group of people for support. *Repeat claim over and over again until it is accepted as the truth. *Find scapegoats and blame all of problems all of there problems on them. *Find catchy slogans that the people will remember.


Propaganda about Sir Winston Churchill

Jewish Star

"He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery." Anne Frank wrote to her diary

Songs of the 1940's.

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Music of WW2 by Kat

WARNING: ALL THE SONGS MIGHT PLAY AT ONCE, PLEASE PAUSE WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO, SORRY!! Music was a big thing in the 1940's. Some songs were inspired by World War Two. Check out all of these songs, and press the play button on whatever song you would like to hear. Some of the songs are featured on other people's pages on the website! Check back often, we update a lot.

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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Jingle Jangle Jingle

Sedimental Journey

Hiding in the Secret Annexe

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Anne Frank in Hiding By: Nicole

Anne Frank in Hiding

The Frank family was Jewish and were living in Germany. Hitler, a dictator had many laws that affected Jews. It was horrid and they had to go in hiding in an abandoned warehouse behind a shop. Otto, Edith, Margot and Anne went into hiding. But many days later, other people came to hide with them. The Van Daan family and Dr. Dussel. Anne was a hyper and energetic girl while her sister Margot was shy and quiet. Going into hiding wasn't easy. Anne had trouble not moving or making noise because workers downstairs would hear. Miep and Bep helped the families in hiding. Miep brought food while Bep brought clothes for Anne and Margot. A bookcase covered the entrance to the secret annexe where the Jews were hiding. One day, the families were listening to the radio and heard that Allies were coming. Anne got excited and was sure help was on its way. Unfortunately, someone reported to the SS (Nazi police) that Jews were hiding. The SS hurried to the location they were told and searched the warehouse. Nazi police found everyone and took them away. Anne's diary was left behind and Miep saved it for when she came back. The war ended two months later and unfortunately all the Franks died except Otto Frank.

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Anne and Margot

Anne and Margot are at the beach soaking the sun.

Anne Frank's Room

This is the room where Anne slept in while being in the Secret Annexe.

A map of the Secret Annexe

This is a map of the Secret Annexe from the inside.

The Frank Family

All of the Franks were here while being free from Hitler.

Anne's Wall

This is a picture of Anne's wall. She put pictures of film stars that she got from magazines.

WW2 Events

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About D-Day

D-Day was on June 6, 1944. On D-Day, the allies invaded Europe and began to push the Germans back. The allies landed in Europe with 7,000 ships, 12,000 planes, and 133,000 troops to fight with. 1 in 10 allies died in World War 2. This plan was called Operation Overlord. It lasted 2 whole months. Hitler told the Germans that they couldn't retreat and that they had to fight until the end of the World War 2. The allies won the battle and Hitler killed himself. Anne was excited about D-Day because D-Day was the day that the allies came and took over Hitler's army and won the wart. She finally had some hope to become free again and go back to, school to ,be a normal girl again. In her diary she had some quotes about D-Day. Here are some.

Quote about D-Day from Anne Frank

"Oh, Kitty, the best part of the invasion id that I have the feeling that friends are approaching. We have been oppressed by those terrible Germans for so long, they have had their knives so at our throats, that the thoughts of friends and delivery fills us with confidence!"

By: Amanda

Quote about D-Day from Anne Frank

Now it doesn't concern the Jews anymore; it concerns Holland and all occupied Europe. Perhaps, Margot says, I may yet be able to go back to school in September or October.

Pearl Harbor

Fall, 1941...... This day had started like any other. There were fall leaves, the birds flew south, and the Yankees had won the world series.In the White House however, Franklin D. Roosevelt didn't care who won the world series because of his problem. He was busy keeping track of all the certain events around the world. Europe was at war for two whole years. The forces of evil, (Nazi Germany), Had already taken over many countries ranging from Poland to East France. Great Britain still had fought But they had been bombed very many times. Prime Minister Winston Churchill had said, " We shall never surrender!" Hideki Tojo had not been defeated in thousands of years. Tojo had a great deal of power and didn't want to lose it. He was a ruthless dictator and wanted all power similar to Adolf Hitler. That is my educated guess of the main reason why Tojo had bombed pearl harbor. If it wasn't for Hideki Tojo, the American Army wouldn't have gotten into the war. Which is also a good thing because we saved a lot of Jewish Folk.

Holocaust Poem

I saw the darkness, In the old broken down house, I heard the panicing voices, Of the people left behind.

By: Amanda

By: Brittney

The "Blitz"

As the Luftwaffe was winning, the RAF bombed Berlin. Hitler was enraged and immediately ordered Goering to bomb London. September 7, 1,000 German bombers and fighters began to attacked the British capital, began killing about 500 people. The raids continued but they gave the RAF time to fix their airfields and their strength. Soon the Luftwaffe was seriously losing ground, and was forced to switch from daytime attacks to night raids. Although these were far trickier, their planes were less likely to be shot down. During the "Blitz"- which lasted until May 16, 1941- London and other cities were bombed nightly. But the British remained unconquered and Hitler was forced to admit defeat- for the first time since the war began.

By: Amanda

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D-Day Picture

Allies arriving on the beach to end the war.

Hideki Tojo

This is Hideki Tojo. He had ordered japan soldiers to bomb Pearl Harbor.

The "Blitz"


This is how much damage that the bombing caused.

WW2 Glossary

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Adolf Hitler

Dictator of Germany during the war.

Axis Powers

The alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Concentration Camp

Prison camps established by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party for Jews and other political prisoners during the war.


A person who is harsh and oppressive and has complete power and authority over a country.


Emblem on the Nazi flag. The Swastika was a cross with the ends bent at right angles.


People persecuted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis because their religion was Judaism.


Invasion of Normandy, France, by the Allies (June 6, 1944).


Axis submarine. Soldiers for Germany who went underwater to attack.


Countries fighting with the United States against the Axis power.

Benito Mussolini

Dictator of Italy during the war.

V-E Day

"Victory in Europe Day" when Germany surrendered (May 8, 1945)


Shortened name for the German political party called the National Socialist German Worker's Party and commanded by Adolf Hitler.


A fake object to trick the enemy.


A separation of the different races. Germany blaming the Jews for all of Germany's problems.

By: Amanda


Soldier who returns home from the war.



A picture of Adolf Hitler.

Axis leaders

These are two of the Axis leaders.


The Jewish star of David.


Allies coming aboard to fight the Axis.


The Axis submarine.

The allied leaders

These were the allied leaders who were against Hitler.


Mussolini is partnered with Hitler and is the Italian dictator.

V-E Day

Celebration for the end of the war.

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