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All About Me

K, you might know me, you might not, but the page is all about how awesome I am and all the awesome things I love to do!


Fishy Friends!

A cute group of fishies swimming outside in front of their house!

Puppy Pals!

Some pups posing for their picture in their mansion!

A Fancy Colourful Design

Pretty bright, hey? It's so cool though. (I drew it!)



Awesome Sites for u 2 Visit

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These are a bunch of fun websites! Just an FYI: Imagine Town is a Girls Only Website!


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Post 1 (July 5, 2012)

Hey Guys! This part of my site is sorta like a blog. I'll post stuff and you can comment!

Post 2 (July 11, 2012)

I got Moshi Monsters! I'm hopscotch9448! Add me!!!!!!

Post 3 (August 27, 2012)

Hey guys! Ok, so there's this awesome website I think you should check out. Look for "Animal Jam" in my bookmarks. I'm not going to tell you any more about it since I want it to be a surprise. So just click the link and then click "Play Now". You'll create your own account and enter the fun world! If you think it's kinda boring (I did at first too), try a membership! It costs about $6.00 a month but unlocks sooooooooooo much more. If you want even more fun, try getting a lion membership! It comes with 3 months of member-only fun, 15,000 gems, a FREE castle den AND your own lion! If you join make sure to add me: catyyrose0971!



Ava is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Just my name in cool writing.

Is this pic NOT adorable?

We fostered this little gal along with her mom and 4 siblngs.

This photo's message is SO true!

Feel free to save this picture!

Even Dash spreads Christmas Cheer!

(Dash is my cat. Isn't she adorable?)