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Science Fair Questions

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Possible Questions for Science Fair

Does adding salt water change the temperature at which it boils? What is the effect of temperatue on how long a soap bubble lasts? How does light affect the growth of bread mold? Does the life of a light bulb depend on its wattage? How does temperature affect golf ball performance? Does paper airplane design affect flight distance or flight time? How does learning style affect memory retention? Does classroom seating arrangement affect student performance? Does having a plan save time? What is the effect of car exhaust on seed germination?

Science Fair Links

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Science Buddies

Science fair project ideas, answers and tools. This site has complete project guides to help walk you through every step of a project. There is also a topic selection wizard tool to help guide you if you don't even know what kind of project you want to do.

Science Fair Ideas and Resources


All Science Fair Projects


Discovery School


Science Fair Project Resource Guide


Science Experiments for Kids


Science Fair Extravaganza


Science Kids


Home Science Tools - This is actually a retail site where you can purchase science related supplies, however, it has several science fair projects for elementary students

The Winning Science Fair Project - Good advice for students on creating a "winning" project

Questions for inspiring a project

Science Fairs Made Easy


Science Bob - Science Fair Ideas


Science Project - This is a subscription site but you can access many of the resources for free such as displays of science fair boards. It can also serve as a resource for coming up with an idea for your project.


Physical Science Fair Project Questions and Ideas


Kindergarten Science Fair - Keep it simple

Geared specifically for kindergarteners

Science Fair Resources for Teachers

Science Fair Guide for Teachers

Using the Scientific Method

A Student's Guide to Keeping the Science in Science Fair

PDF document which walks participants through the steps of the scientific method.


Science Fair Project Resource Guide


Successful Science Fair Projects - Neuroschience for Kids


Science - Walks you through each step of the scientific method






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