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Favorite Children's Book: Balto

Balto is my favorite children's book because dogs are my favorite animal and it is based on a true story. This novel recounts the life of Balto, the sled dog who saved Nome, Alaska in 1925 from a diphtheria epidemic by delivering medicine through a raging snowstorm. A compelling account, told in easy-to-read format, of a sled dog who led his team over 53 miles of Alaska wilderness to deliver medicine during an outbreak of diptheria in 1925.

Cafe Klaser

I like Cafe Klaser because of the type of food they serve, such as their gumbo, and their location along the river in Heber Springs.

Greers Ferry Lake

My favorite activity to do in Heber Springs is swimming at Greers Ferry Lake.

University of Central Arkansas

I like UCA because it is familiar to me and I have people I know that go there. I also like where it is located in Arkansas- Conway. In addition, it is fairly close to home.