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Plain sticky notes

Learning intetions

15.4.08 •I will have selected 3 or 4 movie clips and added the to imovie. I may have inclued atill images as well. •I will have added a soundtrack to my movie. •I will have added approprite effects to my movie.

Learning intentions

18/3/08 •I will have finished my piece of music in GargeBand. •I will have adapted my GargeBand piece of music to create a rington. •I will have exported my piece of music and converted it to an MP3.

learning intention

MP3s • An MP3s is a small file used to store audio shrinks original data from cd by 12.Easily trsnferred across internet. Wavs •A Wav is an uncompressed aduio file short for waveform. Raw music files Lossless storage method

Learning Intetions

22 april •I will have thought about what maeks a good website. •I have looked at and evaluated verious websites. I will have made notes on what akes a good website on my protopage.

learning intention

11 March 2008 • I will have added at least 4 tracks which work well together using the loop browser. •I will have extended the piece over at least 16 bars. •I will have finished my piece of music and exported it to itunes

Sticky note

•I will have set up my own website using freeway. •I will have added information on my interests. •I will have inserted hyperlinks between pages and to other sites.

learning intetions

•I will have decided on the clips to use for my movie. •I will have imported clips into my movie. •I will have extracted audio from my clips. I will have cut out the parts of the clip that i want to use.

learning intention

•I will have research MP3s and WAVs. •i will understand the different between MP3s and WAVs. •I will have displayed what i have learned on my blog.

What Makes A Good Website

1.Easy to read. 2.Easy to access. 3.Colourful,Eye catching. 4.Interesting. 5.Mixed Media.