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Rich sticky notes

Rich text note

there was a kid called blade

he thougth that his live was made

he was a ranga

and everyone thought he was banger

and he always stade in the shade

Rich text note

there was a kid called shane

he run to a football game

he got smashed

in a car cash

then he got bashed

by crash

the girls thought he was cute

cause he wore a fashionable suit

he like eating soup that was made out of tree root

and didnt like apples cause he played the flute

he had really long nails

he likes eating whales


Rich text note

Blade is a boy

Loves to play rugby league

And likes cricket

Doesn't like homework

Eats lots of food

Rich text note

i like eating pie

from the sky

i get very high

and i can fly

Rich text note

i love rugbly league

i love riding motorbikes

i hate playing soccer

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Rich sticky notes

Rich text note

Great Pyramid of Giza

It is in Cairo in Egypt in Africa. And the great pyramid of Giza is the only seven ancient wonder of the world that is still around. The great pyramid of Giza was built for Egyptian pharaoh Khufu to rest in. It was complete around 2560 bc. Khufu built it for himself and his wife for when they died. It was one of the only pyramids that had irrigation. The king and queen were buried in it.  It was the biggest structure of it’s time. The king and Queens Chamber were higher then the unfinished chamber. It was the tallest building from 2570 BC to 1300 ad.   


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