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Adolescents who are trainable mentally handicapped (TMH) may not have the same job opportunities as most of us, but they are very capable to hold a steady job. With proper training people with disabilities get career coaching and give additional support which assist them in getting a successful career.

Study on Career Education

The 3rd Bookmark: A study was done in British Columbia on the career education for mentally handicapped adults, it was trying to find the needs for mentally handicapped in order for them to be successful in the work force through education. Being that there are different variations in categorizing levels of mentally handicapped, mild, moderate, and severe, they study concluded that in order to find the needs of the mentally handicapped in educating them in the work world they have to find the needs for each of the categories. The study came up with addressing life skills, work adjustment, vocational skills, job placement and job stabilization into the career education.

Service Project

When we helped in Mrs. Ewell's class, I discovered what types of jobs the students would probably later be working. The first thing I noticed is that unused packets of paper from teaches were shredded in a shredder. The students all helped with that, and none of them complained. One of the students, Morgan, told me all the rules of the shredder before we did anything and it took about 5-7 minutes to complete the stack of papers. Next we all went down to the laundry room, in the big gym, and hung up dry clothes and moved the wet clothes into the dryer. Although these "jobs" they have the kids in Mrs. Ewell's class do seem like chores to most, those jobs will be future careers for the students.


In conclusion, to all the research that i have done, I have discovered that people who are mentally handicapped have all the ability to hold a steady job. Places like Work Inc., where Jim Cassetta is hired is a very good example of a place where they hire you for your qualifications and not your limitations. With proper training anyone can have a successful career in the work force. Whether or not someone is mentally handicapped or not, everyone has the right to hold a job and work, and just because someone is mentally handicapped doesn't prevent them from going far in a career.

Goodwill Industries[4th bookmark]

Under the 4th bookmark, there is an article about how Goodwill Industries have many mentally handicapped employees. A group of mentally handicapped people come to work at the non profit Goodwill in Los Angeles , and their duties included going in a truck loaded with recycled clothing and unloading it at different stores and locations. The group, before they could do anything, learned all about the bins and racks inside the truck. The group would search through each of the bins and racks and take out all the clothes they thought that would not sell, the Goodwill Industries had all their trust in the group into sorting the clothes. The rout of delivering clothes lasted about 1.8 hours, and the group returned every time the stores needed the clothes delivered. Each person in the group was paid minimum wage and to me this is considered as a steady job the group of mentally handicapped adolescents can hold.


Jim Cassetta

Jim is CEO at Work Inc. this is corporation helping mentally challenged people find and keep jobs

Working Hard but Happy

Taking care of jerseys for sports teams and folding clothes, or doing laundry in general is a possible job for the mentally handicapped.