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Sticky notes


1.) A self-executable program designed to infiltrate and destory computer files and hardware.


2.) A virus must be able to replicate itself, and execute itself.


3.) file infector viruses, boot sector viruses, master boot record viruses, multi-partite viruses, macro viruses


4.) A trojan horse is a virus or undesirable program disguised as something else, such as pop-up games.


5.) programs that can replicate themselves without the use of a host file.


6.) hardware programs, virus protector detection, virus-like activity detection, certain documents will not open, computer does not register 640 K of conventional memory.


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Hover over the virtual page controller  in the bottom right of your screen, and click the lock icons to make each page public or private (You must be logged in to do this).

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(Pages will be automatically removed if you delete all of the panels on them).


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Alberta Rockies overlooking Lake Louise at the Jasper National Park, Canada.