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Suggested Weekly Activity

Each week students are encouraged to complete the Kindness Challenge Activities and watch the new 2nd Step video for their grade. There are also lots of optional activites, information, and activities on the other tabs. Each week I will add something new on each tab!

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Student of the Week May 18-24


About me

My name is Dana Copes and I am the Certified School Counselor for Citrus Grove. I am at home with my husband, Kevin, who teaches at University High School and our daughter, Trinity, who is home from USF finishing her classes online. We are all in this together!

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Kindness Challenge

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Scatter Kindness

Scatter Kindness each day and watch the ripple effect it has! I will add days each week!

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Kindness Challenge


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2nd Step Videos (SEL)



1st Grade

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Social Emotional Learning


Managing Emotions Activites

conflict resolution videos / lessons

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Alphabreaths - ABC's of Mindful Breathing



Self Regulation

Worry / Anxiety


Adult Stress and Anxiety

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Read Aloud - Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

Virtual Trips


Virtual Field Trips

Things to do


Things to do

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Linked by Love Guiness Book Challenge


Family Activities / Information for Adults


Family SEL Activites

Adult Support

Transition to Middle School

Family Support / Information about Covid19


Covid19 Resources

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Additional Food Resources

o Food Brings Hope is thrilled to announce we will be sponsoring a Drive Through Food Distribution at Mainland High School on Thursday, May 7 from 10am to 12:30pm or until all the food has been distributed. This Drive Through Food Distribution is open to the community. Individuals need to remain in the vehicle and a FBH volunteer will put the food in their trunk or hand it through the window. Cars will enter through the east entrance of Mainland and travel through the bus loop area for pick up. It is the goal of FBH to facilitate this Food Pick Up at Mainland every Thursday. Mainland Drive Through Food Distribution on Thursday, May 7th. Volunteers needed between 9:30am to 12:30pm. Please contact if you are able to fill a volunteer request.

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Community Resources

VolusiaCounty School information:


What do to in anemergency:




Food Services:



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What is Covid19? Video for kids


Career Exploration


_____ in the Real World

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