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General Info

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Welcome to 4th grade!  All Weekly Newsletters with current information will be emailed to parents. 

All assignments and information can be found on Google Classroom


Ms. Gonzalez

Hello! My name is Chrystine González, and I have been with Canyon Rim Academy since it opened in 2007. I am proud to teach 4th grade at this wonderful school! I have taught for several years in Nevada and Utah, mainly second through fourth grades.Fourth grade is definitely my favorite! I enjoy teaching all the school subjects, but my favorite times of the school day are Math and Reading Aloud. Our Core Knowledge novels are the best! I enjoy reading, journal writing, hiking, arts/crafts, learning Spanish, playing games, and taking line dance and Zumba fitness classes. I love being a mom to my cats who are full of personality and teach me how to relax and enjoy life. Each year at Canyon Rim gets better and better! We have the most amazing students, teachers, and administrators.I am grateful to teach at this spectacular school.


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Websites we use

Google Classroom

Utah Compose

Dream Box

Eureka Math

Scholastic Magazine



Typing Club

Other Educational Websites

National Geographic Kids

Fun Brain

Into the  Book

Highlight Kids


Switch Zoo

Unite for Literacy


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Mindfulness Strategies

Choose a mindful strategy to do each day, for at least 3 minutes. Teach it to your siblings and family!  

* BREATHE (4-7-8; count to 10 and back down; alternate nostril breathing, figure 8 around eyes)
* 5 senses
* Mindful Walking
*Safe/quiet place
* Even slip
* Color/design sheet
* Body Scan
* Affirmations
* Yoga
* Mala Bracelet


Affirmation Card of the Week


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Each night/day, students are encouraged to:
  • Read
  • Practicing Multiplication Facts
  • Practice Typing Club


Math Challenges

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About Math

This area is for kids who want some fun Math Challenges! (Especially my Mathletes from Math Olympiad group!)  I'll post fun problems or activities as I find them. Feel free to email me if you find something you think other kids might enjoy!


Boy, cones, shoes


Ruler, Pencil, Crayon

Cactus, Tree, Flower


Virtual Fieldtrips

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Virtual Field trips

Since field trips are not currently available due to Covid19, here are some links that you might be interested in. They are not all geared for 4th grade, although some do follow 4th grade curriculum. They are educational and could be fun for kids and their siblings.

Kids Out and About

This is the Place

Tracy Aviary

Kennecott Mine

Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Natural History Museum

Living Planet Aquarium