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DC Telegraph: Institutional Repository and Open Access Success Stories

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"Persistent myths about open access scientific publishing." The Guardian, 17 April 2012 type "Scientific articles accepted (personal checks too)." The New York Times, 7 April 2013 "Scientists ambivalent about open access" Science, 29 November 2013 "University of Iowa pushes for open access to research" University of Iowa Gazette, 3 December 2013 "Open access and academic freedom" Inside Higher Ed, 15 November 2013

Links to products, APIs, best practices, etc.

Sword Protocol - makes uploading content from major databases easier. Altmetrics - an alterantive system for gauging scholarly impact by measuring activity on social media and research-sharing sites. Scopus (scientific database) API: Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) API: Open Access overview (Peter Suber, Earlham College):

Quotes from IR administrators

"In the past we've populated the repository from departmental websites or faculty CVs, but I've been asked to look into the most efficient ways to upload current faculty citations from resources like Scopus, Web of Science, or individual publishers. I've set up email/RSS alerts from a variety of sources that send updates for when faculty affiliated with the university publish something, but we've hit a roadblock as to what to do with this information and how to best get it into the repository." - Librarian, PA "Yes – and it would be nice if they allowed import using the standard .bibtx or .ris format. That way we could export citations out of databases – and then import that file into digital commons without having to use scripts or any kind of formatting. For those of us that have citations in EndNote or ProCite this would be very helpful. Digital Commons does support “export” out in standard citation formats – why not “importing” ?" - Director of Technical Services Librarian, FL "Or better yet, why aren't we rallying for bepress to open their platform so that we could build to our own needs, rather than having to submit multiple feature requests and having it added to a queue? Not meaning to be gruff, but there is an increasing need in our line of work for flexible infrastructures and customizable development. I am of the mind that we, as customers, have the right to petition our vendors to catch up and let us help in evolving these systems to benefit the work we do." - Scholarly Communication Librarian, FL "In a world of Wordpress 5 minute installs and citation management tools/functions for every scholarly publishing platform it just seems like a waste of time to have to copy and paste my way to repository success." - Librarian, FL "My faculty want me to be able to pull in their content from where ever it might be located. They also want to be able to download from Digital Commons into Zotero, EndNote, etc. to create bibliographies of their work. This should be a high priority." - Dean of Libraries, IN


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