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Welcome! / Bienvenidos!

This is the web page for both 4th grade classes at El Sol Elementary. El Sol is a dual-language school in downtown Kalamazoo. We teach all students, providing instruction 50% of the time in Spanish and 50% of the time in English. Spanish - Under Construction

Mrs. Mack - English

I got my bachelors in Education and in Spanish from Western Michigan University and I'm almost finished with my master's degree, also from WMU. I studied abroad at the University of the Pacific in Lima, Peru and it was one of the best experiences of my life. This is my fourth year teaching for Kalamazoo Public Schools, and 4th grade is my favorite grade to teach! I can't imagine doing anything else. Feel free to email me any time.

Mr. Mojarro - Spanish

Under construction

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News / noticias

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Check it out! This news letter was printed from our brand new class web page! Take a look from time to time to see what we're doing in class! Estas noticias se imprimieron de nuestra nueva pagina web! Visitors welcome! - You are more than welcome to volunteer to work with students in class, stop in to have lunch with your child, or just come by to see what we're learning. All you have to do is stop in the office, sign in, and pick up a visitor's badge. (For the safety of all our students every visitor is required to have a visitor's badge. Please don't be offended if you are asked to show that you have one). Esta invitado trabajar como voluntario con los estudiantes en la clase, visitar para almorzar con su hijo/a, o solo visitar para ver que estamos haciendo. Todo lo que nececitas hacer es ir primero a la oficina para registrarse y recibir una tarjeta de identificación. Esto es por la seguridad de todos.

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Welcome to the webpage!  ¡Bienvenidos a la página web!  

This page is under some SERIOUS construction right now... please keep that in mind, and thank you for your understanding.

*This news letter was printed directly from the web page, located at

Esta carta viene de la página web

*Please note that this is NOT yet fully updated, and will ALWAYS be a work in progress.  Para que sepas, este sitio NO ESTA totalmente listo todavía y siempre será un trabajo en progreso.

Please talk with your child every night about what they are learning in school.  Ask lots of questions, and don't let them give you simple answers.  If they can't tell you what they did in school, we have a problem!!!

ELA (English Language Arts): Students are constantly learning new strategies to help them become better readers.  The students have learned that there are 4 main skills we need to focus on as readers:  Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary.  We are always learning new strategies to help us get better in each of these areas. Please ask your child what strategies they are working on and what new vocabulary they're learning.

SLA (Spanish Language Arts): Most of the students' literacy instruction is in English.  Their Spanish Language Arts instruction is integrated into their Science studies.

Spelling & Vocabulary / deletreo y vocabulario:  Students work on their spelling through their writing.  They do not get weekly spelling words or have spelling tests.  We do however have weekly vocabulary words.  Ask them about the new words they're learning!


Writing / escribiendo: Students have learned how to write personal narratives, persuasive essays and they have now learned how to write poems.  During our next unit we will be learning how to write informational text.

Math / matemáticas: Help your child in every way you can to improve their number sense.  Have them help you cook, do grocery shopping, budgeting, etc.

Social Studies / estudios sociales:  We are studying the 5 regions of the United States.  Right now, we are studying the Northeast region.

Science / ciencias:  Students have learned about the sun, earth and moon.  They are now learning about energy transfer, electricity and magnetism.

Wish List / lista de deseos

·        Pencils ~ lápices                             ·        Hand sanitizer

·        Dry erase markers ~ borradores “dry erase”                           ·        Packs of lined paper ~ papel con líneas

·        Zip lock baggies (any size)                           

·        Dry snacks (bag of pretzels, grahm crackers, etc.) ~ bocadillos

Grading / calificaciones

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Grading / calificaciones

ELA (English Language Arts): Student grades will be based on an average of their work in the following areas:

- Their mastery of reading related strategies

- Their performance on weekly vocabulary and comprehension tests.

- Their effort and accuracy on classwork.

SLA (Spanish Language Arts): Thank you for your patience, we are still working out the details in this area.


Writing / escribiendo: Student grades will be based on an average of their work in the following areas:

- Journals & quick writes 

- Process pieces

Math / matemáticas: Student grades will be based on an average of their work in the following areas:

- Classroom work 

- Quizes

- Tests 

Social Studies / estudios sociales:  Grades are based on their effort and accuracy on class work and assessments.

Science / ciencias:  Thank you for your patience, we are still working out the details here, but students will be graded based on their participation, classroom work, and end of unit tests.

Policies & expectations

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School Rules / reglas de la escuela

3 R's: - Respectful / Respetuoso - Responsible / Responsable - Ready to learn / Receptivo a aprender Some other basics: No electronics (cell phones, video games, etc.) No toys No weapons No hitting/fighting No bullying No swearing Dress must be appropriate for the weather, respectful, and modest. *Please see the student handbook for more details.

Mrs. Mack's Rules / reglas-Mack

1. Follow directions quickly. 2. Come to class, ready to learn. 3. Show respect for yourself & all around you. 4. 100%

Mr. Mojarro's Rules / reglas-Mojarro

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Healthy Habits / habitos saludables

Healthy snacks: students are asked to bring a healthy snack to school every day if they need it/want it. Healthy snacks include carrots, apples, bananas, crackers, cheese, yogurt, etc. Not allowed for snacks (highly discuraged for lunch): cookies, pop, Cheetos, takis, sugary snacks/sweets, etc. Sleep: please encourage your child to get plenty of sleep every night.

We are bucket fillers, not dippers. We are NOT bystanders to bad behavior. *Please talk with your student about what this means, and bring this up regularly at home.

Incentives / motivaciones

Dojo Points: Students can earn positive or negative points for their behavior in class. Also throughout the school students can earn star tickets. Students have the opportunity to earn tickets in many ways... - Good behavior, - Participation, - Following the classroom rules, - Doing their classroom job, and more :) Students loose class cash for poor behavior, not following the classroom rules, not doing their jobs, etc. Mrs. Mack has a class store and other opportunities where students can spend their tickets. *Feel free to make donations that can be used for this!



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Book Orders

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Ordering Books in Mrs. Mack's Class...

Online Ordering Information
Web address:
Class Activation Code: 

Dear Parent,

Now it’s easier than ever to find the perfect books for your child—shop our NEW online Book Clubs Web site. Choose from a much-wider selection of books than in the printed flyer. Plus, you can send your orders directly to me online and use your credit card to pay.

Best of all, we earn a FREE book for the classroom library every time a parent places an order online.

It’s so simple! Here’s how it works:Ordering online is fast, easy, and secure.

Of course, you can still order using the form from the printed flyer. But why not see for yourself how convenient it is to order online?

Thank you,
Mrs. Mack

Ordering Books in Mr. Mojarro's Class

Under construction...

Positive Thoughts

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Things to think about...

  •   I am a good person no matter what anyone does or says.
  •   It is okay to make mistakes because everyone does.
  •   I do not give up; I keep trying.
  •   I think about what is good in my life.
  •   Everyone feels good and bad, now and then.
  •   I can do it!
  •   Money cannot buy happiness.
  •   How I act is more important than how I look.
  •   I am lovable.
  •   When I smile, I feel better.
  •   I can do many things well.
  •   I cannot control what grown-ups do.
  •   I am unique, one of a kind.
  •   When I feel sad, I think of things I like about myself.
  •   Each new day brings a chance to do better.
  •   I think about my choices and then choose what is best for me.
  •   I will change what I can and accept what I cannot change.
  •   I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  •   I cannot change my family; I can only change myself.
  •   What I learn today will help me in the future.