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A significant amount of IT Effort has been put in this year by Alan to help with the promotion of this event.

Alan's Company Red Octopus Business Services Limited has donated a set of golf  clubs for this event - Part Sponsored by John Delaney Motors and JN Pipe of Hazel grove. So it is thank you to John/Brittany and Mathew for your donation.

We have decided that this year will remain an intimate event to remember Adam by - for his close friends and associates and it will continue to be a success as Matt and Kat have made it over the past few years.

So for this year we are limiting our IT Development to just and About page / a Contact Page  / a Stop Press Page / and a Professionals and that Matthew will be given access to control these pages.

Onboard Promotions will be set up as a commercial venture for Red Octopus - This web site has been brought to you by Onboard Promotions.

Matt has been invited to head up the Golf Division of Onboard Promotions in recognition of the good work which he has undertaken over the past 3 years.  If taken this will involve Matt organising the Professional Pro/Am event which Adam was destined to achieve.

Thank You again Mathew fo looking after Adam;s memory .

Alan Bramwell 
(CEO Red Octopus Business Services / Onboard Promotions / foundation computing). 

Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day



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This site is a workin-progress it is managed by Red Octopus Business Services as a Community Guardian effort to promote the Adam Bramwell Charity golf day..

Whilst Adam was only a member at Hazel Grove he was happy there.

Adam started his golf at Withington Golf and was the catalyst for other members to bring their sons.
Adam was only a little boy but playing with the older boys  he was a winning member of the Ian Anthony Trophy.  His picture has pride and place at WGC.

WGC is part of the Mersey Hub.

Red Octopus is currently conducting a business survey on all features of Golf with a focus on IT Services.
To service the Golfing Community of Manchester we have created an Internet Marketing Division called Onboard Promotions. It is intended that Matt will get involved. We willl see.

It is intended that the password fr this site be passed over to HGGC free of service for the benefit of the members - Protopage has many features as we will explain when we talk to WGC Management.

Notice Boards

Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day at Hazel Grove Golf Club

Again we are at The Hazel Grove Golf Club - Possible June 2020

As a repeat of the 2019 event

This is a great day out - join us

Min Entry Fee £35 per player - 4 Player Team.

Full Handicap - Gents Yellow Tees / Ladies Red Tees.

IT brought to you by: Red Octopus Business Services / Onboard Promotions

Event Organised by Matt and Kat - 4th Event Since 2016.

See : /

The Event Details

We can confirm that this yaers event will take place on the 9th of May.

The event is a four man team, full Handicap, Gents playing off Yellow Tees - Ladies off Red Tees.

The cost is £140 per team


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The primary contact for our golf day is Mattt - he can be contacted at :

Mailto : Matt.


If you are interested in thisdevelopment please contact me at the following  E'Mail :

If you wish to become a Primary Sponsor just mention and we will create your active website as part of the serrvice.


Red Octopus Business Services. / Foundation Computing

Club Professionals


Club Professionals

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Adam agreed to help me run a professional golf tournament in Manchester before he died - it was our action plan.

Whilst I am not involved in organising this event - it belongs to Matt and Kat I will help out with the IT and gaining sponsors.

I have indicated to Matt that I would like to see a special prize for the best lowest score for a professional golfer and that he should get on board and invite them to being the event organiser.

Club Systems

Web widgets

Club Systems

Pegasus Charity Golf Day 2020



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Pegasus 10/04/2020

A Pegasus Charity Golf Day has been cancelled


Bringing Imagination To Life


The target date for the first Inter Club Professional golf event has been set. Reservations for 30 teams have been made at Hazel Grove and WGC has requested we book a society day asap.

The primary venue will be Hazel Grove Golf Club and the secondary will be Withington Golf Club for those who do not want to play away from the Mersey.

For more information and and expression of wish booking form please see the bookmark here.

If there is insufficient interest by 01/02.2020 the event will be cancelled.

At the request of Sue Hazel Grove will not be the venue for this event.


Christies Log - Sanctioned to Withington Golf Club

Click this Logo to book into your Christies Charity Day

Kara's Place

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Daisy Kate

An evenings light entertainment has been arranged for the members of Hazel Grove Golf Club by Onboard Promotions.

A nominal fee of just £5 is being charged for sponship of The Pegasus Professional Golf Tournament held at Hazel Grove 10 April 2020.

The evening will include a presentation to the winning golf professional.

This is the first year of operation - if all goes well we will be inviting all the clubs in Manchester to the event in 2021.

Please do your best to support this new venture for Hazel Grove Golf Club.

C21 Quiz



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Welcome to the hardest quiz in golf.

20 Questions to test your Google skills.

Entry Form

Here are the questions - Look out for an entry form in your Pro-Shop soon.

Nominal entry fee - To support Junior Golf Development.




RLB Parkinsons Golf Day 2019



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Note : I elected not to give Ben his Pegasus award on the day - that would not have been fair. It was presented to Scott his Father - His Bitesize Golf Pro BramIT Community Guardian (BA019) Manchester

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The RLB Charity golf day was a very impressive event managed by ladies armed with laptops using the new Centenery Bar.

A bottle of wine was presented by Red Octopus Business Services Limited and Foundation Computing
/ Onboard Promotions allowed me to use this site.

I helped with running the event.

I have been challenged by Alan to create my own Wordpress blog and have been informed that a Charity Golf Day has been organised at Hazel Grove Golf Club to raise monies to help my day with Petrol.

Jan Higginbottom was a to Junior at Hazel Grove who tried to make pro. It was so so costly for his dad Bob.

Alan is helping me with my project management skills he is an Agile Pegasus Consultany.

I will be looking at his site to see what he has done for me.

If I have not done my wordpress by 07/07/2019 alan wwill be so so upset so I best do it before he does it and puts me in his black book.

I hope that you all at RLB enjoyed WGC and hope to see you next year.

pp Ben 

Community Guardian (PO001) for Stockport

Bens Acceptance Speach - Pegasus Award

If you go to your mobile phones now you can read my acceptance speach.....

I have been awarded the Pegasus award which is a Bitesize Golf award for Excellemce in Golf and Golf Club Management for my efforts today.

I realise all the hard work that has been put into this prioject over 40 years to get me to the point where I can dynamically update events - this will help golfers that do well in invitation events in the morning that have to ring in to check progress for prize presentations.

An company wanting a Dynamic Active website from me this week can only but ask and I will manage it for you.

Please meet my team at my charity golf day in 2020 on 10/07/2020 at hazel Grove Golf Club.

Please Email if you are interested.

My website is