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King Tut

King Tut was a king and pharoh to the Egyptian people. Above, you see his tomb.His tomb was discovered by Howard Carter.


A sarcophagus is a coffin-like object that holds mummies. The sarcophagus is usually made out of stone. King Tut was buried in a sarcophagus. See widget labeled King Tut.

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is a statue that is half human half lion. The Great Sphinx was a sun god to early Egyptians. The place where it is was once a rock digging site.


Menes was an Egyptian King. He united upper and lower Egypt. Some early Egyptians called him Meni or Min.


Anubis is Greek for jackel-headed god. He represents the dead. Prayers to Anubis are found in ancient Egyptian tombs.


Osiris took over Anubis's job...being the god of the dead. He shows to be a mummified pharoh. He sits on a throne being praised by many souls.


Ra is the sun god to the Egyptian people. He has the head of a falcon and body of a human. Some claim that Ra was the only / main god for the Egyptian religion.

Howard Carter

Howard Carter found King Tut's tomb. It is believed he has a curse over him called the curse of King Tut. In this picture, he is just discovering his tomb.

Ramses II

Ramses was a pharoh. As you can see, his body was well preserved. He fought in a war to reclaim territory in Africa and Western Asia.


His date of death was unknown. They believe it was either 1336 BC or 1334 BC. Akhenaten's goal was to make the Egyptian religion monotheistic. He didn't succeed.

Upper Egypt

Upper Egypt is in the south. It is near Valley of Kings. Upper Egypt is very near the Nile River.

Lower Egypt

Lower Egypt is near the Mediterranean Sea. Believe it or not, it is north. It is north because of the way the Nile River flows.

Nile River

The Nile River is one of the largest of rivers in the world. It is used for drinking water, bathing water, for transportation, and more from early Egyptians. It is a great river.


A shadoof is a device to carry water from one level to another. It is invented by early Egyptians. It is operated by hand.

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean sea is the sea in which the Nile River dumps out into. The picture above shows a beach resort at the sea. It is located north east of Lower Egypt.


This ancient form of writing was used by antient Egyptians. Each letter would represent an object like a (the letter) means falcon (the animal) would be the hieroglyphic of that.

Amenhotep I

Amenhotep was a Egyptian pharoh. He ruled Egypt from 1526 BC to 1506 BC. It is believed that he has two brothers.

Ahmose I

Ahmose I was a Egyptian pharoh. He was the founder of the 18th dynasty. His name means "the moon is born."

Valley of the Kings

At tha Valley of the Kings, only the powerful people were buried. Up to 120 chambers could be in a complexed tomb there. That is where they found King Tut's body.

Great Pyramids

The biggest of the pyramids was Giza. The entrance was hidden to the Giza. After it was hidden, they faced it with limestone so it became very difficult to find.

Rosetta Stone

They say that the Rosetta Stone uncovered hieroglyphics. They figured out in 196 BC that the Rosetta Stone stated a law. It was written in Greek,also.

Canopic Jar

A canopic jar is used to put the organs in during mummification. It is stored in these because the organs need to be well preserved for the after life. The jars hold the intestines, lungs,stomach,and liver.


Papyrus is a paper like substance. It actally comes from the papyrus plant. The plant can grow 2-3 meters tall.

Snefru's Bent Pyramid of Dahshur

Snefru ruled from 2673 BC - 2589 BC. He became king by marriage, not birthright. He was known as a great pyramid builder. He built the Bent Pyramid of Dahshur.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt with the Greek army, making it part of the Greek Empire. He died without any sons old enough to rule. In 322 BC his empire was divided among his generals. Ptolemy became the ruler of Egypt.

Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra was a direct descendant of the first Ptolemy. She eventually ruled with her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV. She was Julius Cesaer's girlfriend. She also ruled Egypt with Roman Marc Anthony until their defeat to the Roman Octavian. Marc Anthony and Cleopatra killed themselves after their defeat.


Ptolemy took over Egypt in 322 BC. All of his successor's were also called Ptolemy. The last Ptolemy ruled with Cleopatra until 30 BC. The Ptolemies conquered much of Israel and Syria.


Cataracts are shallow areas of the Nile River between Aswan and Khartaum. They are often referred to as rapids. The six primary cataracts made boat travel on the Nile dangerous in ancient Egypt.


An obelisk is a tall, four sided column topped by a small pyramid shape. They were original to Egyptian architecture but adopted by other cultures. They were thought to be built to honor Egyptian gods.


She was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty in ancient Egypt. Hatshepsut had a long, successful reign as pharaoh. She is thought to have brought wealth and peace to Egypt. Her mummy was founf in June 2007.




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