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Plain sticky notes

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[Perhaps search should have autoclearing (via javascript) text saying Search the Web! (when no mouseover) ]

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[Some general photos would be cool, that move but not too much. the below thing is too oppressive.]

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[Try to avoid scrolling the Add Widgets page here if content 'runs' - maybe hide other ones? or introduce inbuilt scroll bar.]

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[This really has to size to screen, probably nicer choice of fonts.]

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I would set up an intro page like this, then a 'news' tab, probably a 'fun' tab, and maybe a 'work tag' titled ... CLICK FOR NEWS etc

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[Nav panel text should be Bigger!] ↓

Rich sticky notes

Welcome to YOUR Protopage!

This is YOUR ProtoPage.

You've got a lifetime of free content. [tagline? free?]

Click Add Widgets now!
[obviously, wants to look more professional, but text is punchy? perhaps offwhite background]

Todo lists

Your Todo list

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Simply click Add Widgets below
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This is your news tab.

Click Add Widgets, then choose 'News' to add more content.

Then drag it in!


Rich sticky notes

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So - you like photos?

We've added a couple of our favourites, now add your own!

Go to Add Widgets, select Photo and then drag the box to your page.


Essouraira at Night

African Market