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An end of course party is always great but there is always the anxiety about what to wear,what food and drinks to have and of course the most important is the music.


I'm not very good at dressing up this will have to do!!(  picture in next widget)



Mmm..these look pretty good!!


Must have these..they're yum!!

Party food

Will have to be vegan..hope everyone likes them!

Lion dress

Hope my hair looks ok!!


Hope they're funkey!!

Morning after

Ahhh.... I hope we don't all feel like this the next day!!


And a big thanks to Viv for all the help and support ;)What will I do without you????

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Time went very quickly..I cannot believe this is it!! It was a great course to do. I have learned a lot more about some of the tools and have been introduced to new ones.I am very excited about trialling some of my new skills with my classes as this makes the teaching experience so much richer and more interesting for me and for the students. Viv,thanks so much for being such a great facilitator and for all the help. What will I do without you????  :) It was great meeting you all ( the group)  I will miss the Friday sessions!!


My frustrations were many!! Time for me is a problem.There never seems to be enough of it and when I do allocate the time for this it is never enough BUT I have to watch that it doesn't become all consuming as I can forget time constraints. ( Hope that makes sense.) Another big frustration is when the computer doesn't do what I think it should do!!!  Or I progress to  a certain point and then there is a glitch!  So frustrating! To add to all this,I still feel anxious when I trial something as it just doesn't work out! Things are improving though and I suppose it is a matter of  finding the time and playing around and trialling the tools! ;)