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About Redcamel Promotions

I just think that is a great idea to set up a website to promote Manchester Music.

I grew up in Manchester and as a child lived next door to Wayne Fontana, my uncle Len had some connection to the music industry promoting groups so I guess I was influenced.

Cousin Tony Bramwell was employed by the Beatles at Apple and has written a book about his time with them.

So my efforts here are really just a bit of fun to entertain myself.

With just a liitte effort you discover artists like Daisy Kate.
In my mission statement I will explain my intent.

Thank you for reading.


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My son Adam's WWW presence now exceeds  83 million You Tube Views.

I am a computer scientist and am quite amazed that a boy working from his bedroom can achieve so much armed with so little.

I have decided to investigate the music industry works and to create a guide to others how to gain a footprint in the  industry.

I have consulted the famous Sifters record shop in Manchester where Oasis make reference to their formative years.

On this website i shall research Manchester Music and create playlists of bands past an present. I hope to generate a route to market for new bands through high street shops like Sifters in Burnage.

I will also be creating a register of new talent  and a register of venues where they can perform.

If the database is successful then I will set up Redcamel (Onboard) Promotions.

On my tab FAC-X, (Note the tribute to Tony Wilson), I will create a weekly playlist. To get things started I will dedicate  FAC-X1 to Oasis as we are now a whole generation on from their success. 

Redcamel Promotions.

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The Goal

Here we will look at the steps that you will need to take to get yourself noticed in the music industry.

I am no expert - I am a Systems Analyst. I will enjoy researching the music industry.

Redcamel Promotions intend to get involved in web design for new artists as well as running Redcamel Events.

Step 3 - Reaching Out

Having established that you have the ability and have a product you are faced with the most difficult task of reaching out to your community.

In many ways it takes chance - it was a chance that Oasis took in Glasgow when then managed to play a gig and got noticed. A chance meeting is all that may be required but getting out there to get that chance is where you need help.

You will have to start that 'Black Book' you list of names and contacts that might just help you on your journey.

Step 1

Step 1 in becoming a rock legend is to master your trade.

You have to learn to play and perform - and you must compose.

You do not have to be the best at your trade - just a master and the roll model you need to emulate is Noel Gallagher.  You have to have the music within you - it is all about the music.

I am sorry but in this area I have no skills and can not offer you any advise - stay true to the music and you will get your chance.


I have listed just 3 simple steps that will guide you to your Goal. What we now need to do is expand these areas and to produce the Action Plan. 

Remember this one golden rule :

How do you eat an elephant ?.......
....... One bite at a time.

Step 2 - Promoting Self

Be aware of the technology ...............

This may be the time to start to form relationships, look to those in your community that can help you - you can not get there alone.

This is why I am here : 
I will research the technology that you require in your portfolio and guide you in the team you need to build to promote your product.


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The Pathway that we are going to undertake is one of self promotion via multimedia / social networking and event management.

History is telling us that with performers such as Justine Bieber the way forward in the industry is self promotion.

I have identified seven ways to self promote. These are : You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Video Download and Who Sampled.

Note : Video Download has been excluded from this site due to some of it's promotions.

You Tube

You Tube has to be a core activity.

You will want to create your own entries and ideally your own channel.

Daisy Kate is the perfect example - Snaresallday has over 84 million views. 

Event Management.

This is  something that I am interested - along the way you will want to earn from your trade - holding events is one way.

How you go about promoting events is something that I am keen to learn.

Action Plan(s)

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Team Building

I am not a musician.

I need to find a singer song writer who is willing to look at self promotion with me.

In search for a Singer Song writer John Atkinson has agreed to perform at an event should I arrange one.

Todo lists

Gettin Started

Multi Media
Create Music
Create Video
Overlay Music / Video
Upload You Tube

Fac-X TV



Existing Channels

The Hacienda - Madchester

Neatley Broadband

Fac-X TV Various Artists


Fac-X TV New Faces

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Event Management

Please think about creating an event promo......

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Celebrate Manchester Music

Do this today........

Phone Hitec Computers in Cheadle, 0161 491 4919, and request a cable to connect your PC to your Television and request your Redcamel Systems  Discount.

Set you TV to receive your PC feed, it is as easy as that.

Then play your Fac-X playlist and celebrate Manchester Music - say goodbye to the X- factor this weekend. 




Poets Corner


New Arrivals



Record Labels






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Sticky note

Note : is under construction

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E'Mail : for studio info.







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In this Tab we will identify where you can see a live performance in Manchester.

Open Mic

Watch This Space : For Open Mic Venues.


1. Dane Bank in Denton (New Years Eve 2017/2018 - Pete Johnson) - Holds just over 100 people with the great advantage that the venue does not charge for room hire. 

2. Fac 251 - Capacity 400











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On the 31/12/2017 i announced that I would be working on FAC-X TV in 2018 and I released some of my existing playlists for viewing new years eve night.

I got little response.

01/01/2018 00:00

I Launched Fac-X TV with Volume ! of Various Artists, a track called Tell Me - asking people to tell me their favourite Manchester Band.

I got no replies.

24/04/2019 16:00

Thank you to Shelly fo volunteering to get involved with Manchester Music Event Management and construction.

I am certain that you will find creating your own Protopage Account will be great fun.

Experiment with Google Forms / Survey Monkey as I have suggested.

I have so  much on my pate that Manchester Music is not currently getting the promotion it deserves.

Think about recruiting others to help you with other genres of music.

Web Standards


You Tube



Who Sampled




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Sourface was the artist, Snareallday the producer and owner of Flip Recipe Records. They were one person.

The Snaresallday Channel on You Tube has over 83 Million view - so the formulae worked.

Here we are looking at the web standards that lead to that success.

Hitec Computers

At Hitec Computers in Cheadle we aim to provide the service which a new band needs to get promoted on the WWW. 

We can offer you budget web development using the latest Bootstrap technology to a design house website using Manchesters top graphic design agencies. We will scope your requirement and look after your build.

Album / Web Design

We aim to connect you to top designers to service your needs.

The Manchester Discount Card


The Manchester Discount Card

Work In Progress

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Hitec Computers

I am pleased to announce that Hitec Computers in Cheadle is the first organisation to utilise services of The Manchester Discount Card.

Hitec will offer 15% discount on Sales and Services. 

That means that you can purchase a quality used Apple Computer retailing at £299 for just £255.

It is politely asked that users of The Manchester Discount card make a small donation to charity.

Details of the chairty can be found at the site of Manchester Community Guardian Alan Bramwell - Go to 

For companies wanting Active Web Development Alan can offer a similar 15% discount. See For media rich websites Alan will arrange for this to be done through his Outsourcing Division and again funds will be raised for charity.


The cost of a domain name with them is £15 and hosting costs £4.99 per month.

Learning Bootstrap is simple - Conversion to a responsive site looks easy. 

It is compatible with Bootstrap

To test it for yourself do this :

Select build with URL - select

Select the template  that has an apple computer on it.

When built view through the Ipad and mobile phone emulators.  

With regards to links that do not work I have been assured by Cory that they will work when you purchase a site and that they have a refund policy if you do not like the site within the first couple of weeks.

With regards to shopping baskets and commercial sites these are more expensive at over £100 per year.

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Hi Alan,

You've seen how easy it is to make a great looking site for your business with Website Builder.

We have saved your website for you, and now its time to publish it for the world to see. Plus, as well as our easy-to-use website builder, you also get a free domain name! 

Create and publish your perfect website in three easy steps: 

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Under 'Website Builder' and click "Manage"
  3. Click the “Manage” button and then click the “Buy Now” button
  4. Choose  your Website Builder package
  5. Go through the payment process

Once you have found your perfect domain name, simply complete your purchase and you are ready to go! 

Gatley Computers

Gatley Computers said that do not have a web site they sell there services via Facebook.
But tonight I have found a gem of a website that I must use. 

Gatley have offered to price match Hitec Computers.

I will be interesting to see if Gatley are on board with the discounted product range.

I believe that there is no confict as Hitec are not interested in building bespoke budget system and are more focused on the service side of the business.

I am confused as there is a websiite called which is just a 123reg site. 

Martin Zero



Coming Soon

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We will soon develop forms where you as a  new artist can tell us your www presence.

We will also create a form for venues to input their capacity / availabliity.

Drum and Base










Possible Artists

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Whats On

Watch this space here I will try to communicate Whats On in live events in Manchester.

Todo lists

Neatlay Onboard

05/05/2019 Red Octopus SSNA Site (Promo)
07/07/2019 Cylops Objection Handling
Buy milk



Onboard Promotions

Red Octopus

Geezer Telecom

Red Octopus Communications

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Onboard Campaign

The Onboard Campaign is simply about getting clients Onboard with Red Octopus Broadband.

.... Enabling  Communication.