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Welcome Note for Andy

Welcome Andy. Finally here you are. And finally it proves my assumption about you: you are kind of marketer with ego--the little monster inside the heart of every passionate marketer that drive for next marketing legend. Yes, it is the same ego that you treat yourself as another brand. And finally led you here. I am sorry this approach may be a little bit of rude and disruptive. I expect this will bring you a laughter and also will introduce you another marketer with similar ego like you. Yes, you well guess out, it is Mark Yan, the director behind all these.

Story about Mark Yan

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Mark Yan Life Story

1. Why do this to Andy, all in all, he is so nice a guy? It is definitely not to make fun of Andy. Mark respects Andy a lot for his extraordinary marketing work had done. The reason beind is actually simple. Mark expects to work for CBA in marketing sector and believes he can bring diversified and beneficial skill sets to the team and deliver the result. However, so far, he hasn't get a chance to demonstrate his capabilities. (Yes, it is hard to believe. ) So, he is thinking, if he believes in his value, why not develop a campaign to show it? Then, what else is better than to directly sell himself to the big boss via a "digital" way since Andy is such a guru in this field? That comes to the ideation of this campaign 2. Why should I consider a candidate from Adelaide?

Resume of Mark Yan

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Mark Yan Resume

Contact Mark Yan

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Reach to Mark

There are several pathway to connect to Mark:

1.  Email (Preferred, generally will respond within 6 hours)

2. Facebook (checked daily)
you can leave me a message there (pls not directly onto wall, thank you)

3. Twitter (every 3 days)

(unfortunately, Mark's working place doesn't permit mobile usage, so a little bit tricky here.
Please leave a voice message first and allow several minutes so that Mark can walk to the parking zone to reply the call)
5. Linkedin (almost daily)