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Welcome to the Bailey Technology Website! This is where you can find links to the lessons and activities we are doing in Computer Class as well as other links that can be used for additional practice and fun. If you have a suggestion, question, or would like to share an idea, please email Mr. St.John at Parents: Links on this site are meant to be educational and fun. If you are working on these sites at home, please note that we can not be responsible for any pop ups or download requirements that you may encounter. Our school blocks inappropriate sites and pop ups. If you visit these sites while at home, you may or may not have the same amount of security as we have here at school. I make every reasonable effort to assure that these sites do not link directly to web pages that contain objectionable material. If you encounter objectionable material on this page, or in any linked page, please notify me immediately. Have a great day! Matthew St.John Humanities/Computer Specialist - Sister Bailey ES 702-799-7510


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Week 28 - Bailey Technology Page

Week 27 - Digital Citizenship - Respect

Week 26 - Digital Citizenship - Protect

Parts of a Computer

Week 25 - Super Teacher Poem/Letter

Week 24 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 6

Week 23 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 5

Week 22 - Google Drawings and ABC Practice

Week 21 - Story Maker cont...

Week 20 - Story Maker

Week 19 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 4

Week 18 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 3

Week 17 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 2

Week 16 - Typing - Dance Mat Stage 1

Week 15 - Coding Course 1

Week 14 - Coding Course A

Week 13 - Coding Continued

Week 12 - Hour of Code

Week 11 - Chrome Music Lab