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Test - Friday March 13 Extra help on Friday at 7:35 am ****I'm working hard to keep the germs away in room 349! If anyone has an extra container of disinfecting wipes, purel or tissues I would be extremely grateful! I've been cleaning the desks very, very frequently. ****Students must make up missed work due absence of any kind!!!!!

Contact Information - email me with your questions or concerns. I will get back in touch as soon as possible. :)

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   The Legend of the Lake

Unit 2 vocabulary -



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To do List

Things to help you be more prepared
Use your agenda
Always bring you binder home with you on days that you have homework!
Make flash cards for you vocabulary words
Study these words a few minutes each day
Always make sure you check with a classmate when you are out, this includes music lessons, for the notes you may have missed






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