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1. Computer Displays - LCD, CRT and plasma screens, pros and cons of each. Full high definition, high definition?
2. Digital Televisions – Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED

3. Data projectors
4. Digital Radio
5. Netbooks

6. Hand held multimedia devices ( e.g. umpc, iPod, itouch, iriver, touch screen phone)


7. Piracy and Copyright
8. Software License types (commercial, shareware, freeware)
9. Social Networking


10. Primary storage: including
RAM (amount, types, cost)


11. Secondary Storage: eg,
Hard Disk Drive
Blu-ray Disks
DVD (standards – single layer, dual layer,) & CD
USB memory storage


12. CPU’s – eg. dual core, Atom
13.  Motherboards
14. Graphics Cards

15. Sound Cards
16. Types of ports, eg. USB, Fire-wire


17. Wireless routers
18. Bluetooth
19. Cloud Computing
20. Wifi
21. XML






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Hey Andy its Rena, I deleated the part in the scrapblog where you would put your video, that is if you want to still put it on Protopage.

Todo lists

IST project

Social Networking
Types of ports eg USB....


Todo lists

To-do list

Get info about Data projectors
Get info about Software Licence Types::::Commercial, Freeware, Shareware
Get info about Secondary Storage
Get info about Wireless routers


Todo lists

To-do list

Digital Radio
Piracy and Copywrite
Sound Cards

time table for 22 September

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Time Table for Monday 21st September (just in case you've forgotten/lost the sheet) 4pm-Rena 4:30pm-Andy 5pm-Sandy 5:30-}BREAK 6pm-}BREAK 6:30-Rena 7pm-Andy 7:30-Sandy 8:00-Rena 8:30-Andy 9:00-Sandy LAST CHECK: 9:30-Rena 10:00-Andy 10:30-Sandy

IST Project Notes

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This tab is so we can communicate wat we hav completed: Add stuff to it guys


Rena has finished Data projectors.

Rena has finished Software License types.

Rena has finished Secondary Storage

Rena has finished Wireless Routers


Andy has finished Netbooks

Andy has finished Social Networking

Andy has finished Types of Ports

Andy has finished Bluetooth


Sandy has finished Digital Radio

Sandy has finished Piracy and Copyright

Sandy has finished Sound Cards

Sandy has finished Wifi



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