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SALT - Seminars About Long Term Thinking

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"If you can hack your brain, how long until someone manages to install and run linux on it?" bigGdelta1

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"PwakMan does not play dice."


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"There are 10 times as many nerve fibers carrying information down as
 there are carrying it up."
Sandra Blakeslee

"a rapidly evolving network intelligence would quickly discover how to use femtotachnology and ultimately planck-scale quantum engineering- at this point any sorts of long-range non-local connections through Big-Bang created entanglement/wormholes
/etc could be controlled/manipulated for direct access to far distant areas- as well as quantum scale manipulation/warping of spacetime to possible allow the hyper-light transmission of information/matter"


Les perspectives et les
motivations qui peuvent
guider l’innovation sont
nombreuses. Choisir
l’une ou l’autre d’entre
elles c’est déjà dire quel
innovateur on pense
être. Finalité scientifi que
destinée à faire progresser
la recherche et les
connaissances, dessein
technologique centré sur l’industrialisation et sur la
mise en oeuvre, orientation marketing tournée vers
la conquête de marchés, motivation économique
axée sur la rentabilité, regard sur les usages, les
services rendus et l’adoptabilité… « Tous les sujets
font partie de l’équation »... RIAM


The researchers here at BioCom have two primary goals - to completely invade the flesh with vision and mapping technologies (initiating a program of total body control from its wholistic, exterior configuration to its microscopic constellations), and to develop the political and economic frontiers of flesh products and services.

Provo ;)