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News...why?cos i can!!! feed 1

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Hi :-D

Hi, this protopage thingy is a useful little thing that my m8 showed me (not the guy in the band mentioned in useful links). Basically, all it is is a site maker but the site is only visible to the guy who made it (exept me cos im great). Anyhoo...I put in some amusing and useful stuff for you to have a play with AND you can even edit this site without ticking me off. YAY!!! 

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Okey dokey. Here are some vids for those of you whose computers are clever enough to load them. Simply put your cursor over the title of the one you wanna watch and click play. YAY!!! Hey that rhymes YAY!!! Hey that dosen't AAAWWW!!!

Stick Fight

Games. YAY!!!

Cool Ping Pong

Dancing Car

Footie Dog

Man Fights Bear

Cheese compilation (fosters)