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When & Where We Run?

WHEN? We meet each Thursday evening at Kensington Park in Milford at 7:00pm. Warm up, stretching begins at 6:50pm. We start running at 7:00pm SHARP and end at 8:15pm. We will take several breaks along the way and NOT overdo it! WHERE? We meet at the NEXT parking lot WEST of the Boat Rental parking lot. If you are coming from the east- pass by the Boat Rental parking lot and turn into the NEXT parking area. See full color map of Kensington. We are at yellow letter G lot, next to the #2 on the map tab page.

Welcome to the "Pack"

"Running With the Pack" is a NEW, informal running club for home-schooled boys, ages 13 - 16. All ability levels are welcome. Boys can come once or whenever they can. There is no commitment to come every week. There is no cost or fees involved. Our focus is simply on getting off the couch, away from the electronic screens, getting outside and getting some exercise. We will run, but we are NOT preparing anyone for a marathon someday!


"Pack" Running Calendar


Stephen (left) and Michael (right) Ebaugh (after a run at Kensington)

Adult Leader

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The “Pack” Leader Mr. Michael Ebaugh is the founder, leader of “Run with the Pack”. He is married to Lori Ebaugh, who home-schools their three boys. Michael and Lori are members of Christ the King Catholic Parish in Ann Arbor. They have been involved in pre-cana ministry for 14 years- see Michael is the Director of Training and Development at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills. He is a former highschool, religion teacher and Director of Religious Education. The Ebaugh’s live in Milford, just two miles from Kensington Park. Call Michael on his cell phone at 248-563-2334 for any questions.

Why Run?

Why Michael is Starting “Run With the Pack”? “I’m constantly fighting the battle of “screen-time” with my three boys, despite having electronic limiters on both computers and even on the TV. It’s time we got outside and burn up some energy in a healthy, wholesome activity. Boys love to run, especially in a pack! So what better way to get some exercise, meet other homeschooled boys and enjoy the beautiful lakeside path in Kensington Park than “running with the pack”?

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Why Boys Only? Pre-adolescent and adolescent boys NEED to burn energy and testosterone in healthy, wholesome Christian ways. They are wired to be physical, to jostle each other, to spar and joke around. This run will give them a forum for being boys. It is best they be under the guidance of an adult male whenever possible. The "pack" is boy-time only!


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Why Run?

“Fitness Freak” – NOT! There are some people who just seem like they are “born to run” and exude that restless energy to run early, run often and for a long distance. Michael is NOT among those ranks. He has never run a marathon, race or other competition, other than when he was five years old and won a nickel for coming in third in 100 yard dash. He is just a conscientious Dad, who spends way too time sitting in front of computers at work and knows that God did not make us for such sedentary work. He also needs to get on the exercise track. And needs to get his sons out there getting active too! He is careful about ensuring that kids get enough water, breaks and have a good time, while getting fit. There are two drinking fountains along the way-fyi.

Parking Lot / Meeting Place

Parking Lot / Meeting Place On road # 2 (see map on left), we will always meet at the parking lot just WEST of the BOAT RENTAL. It is one picnic area down from the Boat Rental place. Look for the road label #2 on the map at your left- it is the tiny yellow colored G picnic area. Find us by a yellow flag. If you can't find us- call me at 248-563-2334 (Michael's cell). We do really start running at 7:15pm- SHARP. Gather at 7:00pm, leave at 7:15pm. Be there on time and ready to warm-up and run!



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Quadriceps Stretch

Stand straight with one leg bent. Grasp the foot of this leg with your hand and slowly pull your heel to your buttocks. You should feel the stretch in the front of your thigh. Hold the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat the stretch 6 to 8 times.

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstrings * One foot in front of the other, a small step apart * Sit back on the back leg (weight on the back leg * Stretch front leg (flex foot upwards for extra resistance) * Lift your buttocks * Hands on bend leg * Stomach in, head lifted and back straight * FEEL the stretch in the straight leg – just below your buttocks

Groin Stretch

Sit with your feet together, your back straight, your head up, and your elbows on the inside of your knees. Then slowly push down on the inside of your knees with your elbows. You should feel the stretch along the inside of your thighs. Hold the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat the stretch 6 to 8 times.

Calf Stretch

Calf * Step one foot a large step in front of the other * Feet parallel, pointing forward * Back heel flat on the ground * Hands on the front bend knee * Back straight and head slightly down * FEEL the stretch in the calf of the back leg

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