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Over 10 years ago this site played an important part of the BBCommuniSYS Ltd business.

Primarily for an supplier wanting to work with us they had to contract to the Erica Society.

David Gosling CEO of YMG had to register with the Erica Society to firm the contrcat with Alan Bramwell as his IT Strategist. 

Under the protection of a Limited Company Alan was able to protect the intellectual rights of his development team.

As it was nothing tangible was delivered as David lost control of his company before packages were completed.

October 2017

The Erica Society is once again open for business.

We are raising funds for The Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day and The Bideford Centre.

We hope to raise funds for a new Professional Developer Computer for the Bideford Centre Code Academy.

March 2018

The Erica Society will now play an important part in the administration of The Manchester Discount Card.

We will accept payment and will distribute funds as we did in 2007.

The Erica Society

The Erica Society Supports many charities, distributing funds by proportional giving. We do not accept cash as this is not accountable. Please support our cause(s). (Charitable status applied for). 




Free Yourself

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Golf Tuition Starts Here............

Are you thinking about registering for On-Line Golf Tuition....... Think again!


With the wealth of free information that is available on the WWW today is there a need to subscribe to a site that offers you nothing more than information.


Here we are different. We plan to provide real services to the sporting community.


When you subscribe to our new code academy (under constructioon) you will receive access to some of the best Atomic Learning on the web. Over a period of 7 years we have negotiated deals and services which will return significantly more than your annual subscription.


Before you pay to subscribe elsewhere take a look at what is on offer.


The first offering is a free web site to every sports person in  the world, and the education needed  to use it. 


E'Mail tuition is a thing of the past. We will advise you what technology to purchase and how to use it.


All we will say is:


 "If is is being advertised now it is obsolete".


Welcome to:  The Golf Hub


Watch this space for the arrival of something "Insanely Great".



Nemetode Systems

Designing Community Information, (Nematode), Systems.


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The Early Birdie:


It is over 10 since I started looking at the Golf Industry as a organic entity. The www had no value to golf, many think that is still has not, and the use of  freely available business tools were not taken on board.  The software registration system is interesting in that if you get in early you retain functionality that becomes chargeable. We will be offering significantly reduced registration services for our community. Outsiders will be charged more as they will have not collaborated in producing the product.


So...... Why re-invent the wheel when there are free services readily available for the use.


Here are some free services that have come to my attention.


The administration required to run a forum is significant. Your community could benefit from you simply directing them to a trusted service.


I have named this design Nemetode Systems, as I am effectively acting as a paracite and employing somebody elses services and resources without their permission. Some will benefit from this intrusion and welcome your co-existace, whilst others will put up defences to keep you away.


iT solutions are organic, they grow and expand to mirror the environment. The Sycamore Fig is an interesting eco-system to study, it reflects many interactions that exist in business..

It was the use of a community site that allowed me to establish my Structured Social Network, retaining one of the very early web services has its advantage.


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Stop Press

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October 2017

The Erica Society is open for business again  - We have new projects that need financing.

Rich text note29 March 2019

Commenced Feasibility Of design House

Tried to contact Graham
Tried to contact Tony 
Tried to contact Green Hosting

Got a phone call fropm Lyn who said she will send me an e,mail


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28 March 2019

StaTus Report.

I was reponsible for the setting up of IT Services at The Bideford Centre in Baguley. When I left in 2015 we had 3 issues.

1. General Accomodation
2. Internet Service
3 Print Services 
4. Communication to The General public.

On 28 March I returned to the centre now as IT Services Director to do a business review of the sevice.

I am please to say thing have move on since my last review in 2017.

In 2017 I was concernern that little projress had been made but there had been one major development - a paid employee Andrew was now running the servise.  We discussed the protopage and I gave Adrw the password.

My review in 2019 saw a great improvement.
Andrew explained that he had a room and the internet service was now resolved and that there was print services.
SSNA was not being used and there was other websites available.
Communications to the general public is still a major issue but there is a community Notice Board taht we can use.

We discussed a strategy for the way forwar. 

We agreed :
1. That the protopage web site would now become the property of Red Octopus as an example on how to set up "Community SSNA'

Note:  Community SSNA  is delivered by Verastar Community Systems - On 29 March a communication with Andy at Verastar suggested that it was not proper for mw to show an association with Verastar even though I have a life long service agreement as a community guardian with Derk Beswick.

This is notification to say that the community guardian contract betwe BBCommuniSYS and Verastar ceased at 12:10 29 March 2019)
The SSNA Verastar website is now the personal property of Alan Bramwell and is his on-line CV.

Changes to this effect were made at 12:15 and Andy has been phone to edit the site.

2. Red Octopus would now use the service for print services.
3. Alan should become a general service.
4 Andrew detailed where he worked in Wythenshawe during the week.
5. Alan will do a review of all the It services available in wythenshawe and will document them on a new website dedicated to Wythenshawe  - Potentially run by Nick of the Church Of England.

(Note: In a subsequent meeting with the church of England it was agreed thae Red Octopus should manage the site on a voluntary basis with no costs incurred and that it should contain a news print where Alan and Nick can communicate and update whenever required. Alan agreed to become a service user with the Church Of England to give the opportunity of face to face contact.
We can safely say that it was through the Church of England that allowed closure of the Nimrod Project.

The idea on an association with the church came from Steven Spingl a life long friend. I met Steven for the first time in 10 years when I tried to recruit him for Red Octopus

In respect for Steven and the good work that he does I will use SSNA to research his reilgion.
This research will be done through the Wythenshawe Website.

6. Next meeting will be address the issue of communication.
Andrew will investigate what software is required to create posters. we will work together on promotional material the nature of which we will discuss at our next meeting.

Andrew is a great guy doing a great job - but on reflection it is still my project and I will now be driving it forward. We will be arranging other things.

On the agenda for the next meeting will be the job club that my SSNA site addresses. We will discus the future of Ambition and on how we will be instruction the userbase to create muliple online CV.

I have already set up the model for Ambition - This was a Verastar project for internal promotion but is now a community solution delivered to you by Foundation Computing.

The Bideford Centre




Nimrod Phase II

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Green Clud Hosting

Hello Alan

I just wanted to circle back to my email I sent you last week, I’d love to connect. Your business stuck out to me!

You might not have heard of us, but we are specialists in providing Citrix Hosted Desktops and everything AWS. We are well received by a vast array of companies such as the NHS and over 400 UK businesses

Can I send you over a little more information about us?
Thanks a lot

Kamran Maqbool - Did you know this was sent using our Cloud technology
Green Cloud Hosting
Rapid. Reliable. Secure
Tel 0800 019 3878

Green Pages



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Free Advertising


I am a Manchester Community Guardian (BA019)

I am looking for an Architect to feature on a Red Octopus Architecture We site.

The site Witt feature on The Golf Hub web site as Green Pages

Could we please feature your site.

This is a free service and we need you to help us deliver SSNA into the community 

SSNA was implemented by The Church of England after 19 years in development - It used state of the are Responsive Website technology using cloud based systems and it is free.

It has been on triall  in assurance test mode for 12 years.

Thank you 

Design House

1. Affordable Bespoke Housing
2. Executive Homes
3. Grand Design  


Spoke to Tony and discussed about giving him £1,000 worth of free national advertising a year -- He wants more information about Design House.

Association with Graham should be an asset.


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31 March 2019 to Dave Gosling


I have lost my patience with you - we should be a team working together to help junior golfers - but you won’t play ball.

I am invoicing yo for the web hosting that it has cost me for this project and the IT Harare that I purchased to run the project 

The invoice will be significant so I am putting in a small claim agasinst you.

I suggest that you ring me to stop this course of action and to save yourself money BSG Elite is now active.


Of I have accepted offers to merge with a Manchester based Hosting Company to drive SSNA out across the UK  - I hope to negotiate budget hosting at just £20 per year for Junior Golfers Registered with YMG.

I will contact Chris Smith next week to advise him of the YMG Business strategy by BBCommuniSYS.

Nice one ehhh Dave - how are them apples…….

Red Octopus Junior Golf is now back with Christmas Smith.

Answer your phone.




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The Erica Society

The Erica Society Supports many charities, distributing funds by proportional giving. We do not accept cash as this is not accountable. Please support our cause(s). (Charitable status applied for). 






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