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The Beatles



The Beatles 2020

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Sadly somebody has grabbed The Beatles Protopage or it might have been a registration failure at some time. As it stands you can not have it unless you contact Protopage directly.

I have noticed that my Beatles Delicious account can still be seen from time to time - sometimes it fails with a server error but today 2020 it is here for all to see.

I only did 106 Beatles entries I thought that I would leave the rest to you as you are the Beatle in our family.

Adam now has over 106 million YouTube views for his Snaresallday HipHop channel. Which we wanted you Onboard with at Onboard Promotions.

So - you showing no interest in stuff I have decided to do your Beatles research under your name - just as a hobby and respect to AJBB and your Dad Harry and your uncle Len that you don't contact.

You have always been an interesting family member Tony - shame you don't get in touch with the North.

Wildfire Infonet



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The Time has Come.......

The time has come  the walrus said to speak of many things........

For many years now the Bramwell clan have been involved with mental health.

We have not had the best of times - Jennifer's boy Andrew has learning difficulties and Eddie's son Paul committed suicide  as my own son Adam did in 2016.

For many years I volunteered for Stockport Mind and Emma raised over £16,000 running for Manchester Mind. 

The Adam Bramwell annual golf day takes place at Hazel Grove Golf Club ran by American Golf.

For my sins I am engaging with Lancaster University and Wthenshawe Hospital on research projects for Mental Health / Sleep Apnea and Cancer research - I discovered I had Sleep Apnea after my operation to remove a kidney. 

So having studied HR when working with Sodexo on the Wythenshawe PFI / Y2K project i was ready to introduce NHS Modules into HR at Sodexo in 2000

It has taken till now and me leaving Verastar for me to progress it as a friend has been made redundant. My argument being that Verastar / Sodexo should do Revitalization instead of Redundancy like the NHS.

So it is to work now that I start on Revitalization as a General HR Solution (for Verastar) driven out of my NHS Project X for Cancer Research. (nhsintouchuk).

Note : This proposal was rejected by the NHS as not being a permitted NHS Solution which is why I have progressed it in other areas within the NHS where WIFI is present and staff will work as communications officers. 

This is therefore a Peer Mentoring project called MYStudyBuddies which is basically my Open University Open Learning Group and my Manchester Community Guardians and Digital Champions Groups.

I have one last task to do - to see if I am still registered with MACC - the Manchester Communities Charities Group. I need to see where I stand with them before moving forward.


Is basically Alan working on Bluechip projects like Powergen in Solihull / Royal Mail / Sodexo / The Police and now the NHS Indirectly as a volunteer self appointed evaluating Peer Mentoring and Revitalisation.

Having been rejected by Wildfire InfoSyS to develop into their Scottish Power Project(s).

Alan successfully ousted Anderson Consulting out of Powergen to take on two phases of the Powergen Accountancy Reporting Modules with his team of graduates for their OLAS project in 1993 before moving on as first person in on the Timegate Computer Services Acquisition.

Alan likes mega projects......

Alan says - taking on education and personal development within the NHS is a major project suited to his skills sets technology and drive.

The Y2K was large and demanding and stretched TDD to the extreme.

Nimrod has now been in development for 20 years - been alpha testing within golf for 14 years and is now ready for the NHS to consider being part of its core personal development processes.

Code name Wildfire it will rip through conventional communications lines in employment services, health and politics in days once announced.  

About Anthony

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Anthony Edwards

Anthony was my ex wifes older brother.
Sadly we lost him to cancer all too young.

For a while he lived in Knaresborough with Julie and his two sons Tim and Richard.

The family moved to Goldsborough i think - better for Leeds where he had his family chemist shop.

I am sure that Paul wrote software for him - who knows where we would be in the world of cloud computing if he were alive today.

Anthony liked BMW cars and clocks - he had great clocks and sold me his trusty 3 series BMW which I kept for many years.

We miss Anthony he was part of mr Bramwell clan.

For many years Julie kept in touch with her Xmas letter and Susan keeps her on the Xmas card list.

But like most of us we do not find enough us family time.

Quo Vadiz



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I am getting so so frustrated hewre 

I am waiting on Richard to do his stuff so I can see where we are before announcing my database development.

I can write the excel spread sheet updates that I want in half a day 
It would take you a day to write it is Visual Foxpro
Then a week to convert it

You are talking about spending £5,000 on a course which we can give you 
I have the leeds university reading list - you can get the manchester university reading list 

You need a project 

I have been waiting 25 years to get a programmer onboard - I am old and past coding you are not.
if you were to spend just 15 minutes a night talking and doing we would make massive progress in 5 nights.

Ypu are thinking of doing a crash course why are you writing us out of your plans - are we not worthy....

I am informing you that harvard cs50 and edx is the way forward for you now whilst you are still working.

Why cant yopu say that you will start B-Sitting now - starting with Angular .....

I am so so frustrated that you do not want a career........
Was the time i invested in you as a child wasted .............

The project here is called Quo Vadiz - Front end systems / systems integration / back end reporting / daybooks / accounts interfaces / balance sheep / P&L for small business start up.

All can be written by me in a couple of hours once i get a programmer on board to convert and host.

I can not do updates / batch reporting / security front end stuff ----- we need Q. Re-invent it for cloud computing.....

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