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End of Life Processing

The software that I have developed here is End Of Life  procedures thinking about  what happens to a person when they reach end of life.

This software is being rewritten in SQL Server - a more friendly service.

The core functionality is around What3words a new web development which allows an individual to select his /her place pf rest.  

Magna Carta will be a directory of uk golf clubs where obituaries could be placed. Withington Golf Club is the example.


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I am  super project manager -

This was my attempt to deliver a procedure manual into our division.

Some progress was made - January 2019 I decided to delete the project, mainly due to the significant changes which have developed over the past 3 years.

A procedurure manual is still required in my opinion and should be driven out by the management team.

My Voice

My Voice

1. Aristotle - Procedure Diagrams / Process Maps

2. Cyclops - System Specification

3. Deimos - Powerpoint and Prezi

4. Enterprise - Visual Studio

5. Erasmus - Training For Derek 

6. Genesis - Personal Notes

7. Jupiter - For the board Of Directors

8. Mayflower - Ideas

9. Minerva - Professional Manual

10. Nimrod - Business Object Access

11. Feed A Lead - Google Forms

12. PD -  Personal Details

13. Phobos - Screen Prints

14. Plato - Standard Text 

15. Socrates - Team Documentation

16. Tameraire - Second Class Program Development.

17. Vision 21 - Steering Documents

18. Xenaphon - Super Projects.

Veratsar Pensioner

As a Verastar Pensioner  I believe that I should still have a Voice and that Verastar should provide Systems for me in my old age where I can Entertain myself and plan for my End Of Life.

I have created all the processing that is required here to satisfy my needs all that required to be done is to convert these table to SQL Server processing. That should take a good programmer about 3 days - a weekend with a bit of effort and late nights.

We are going to crate a subscription based package to service the uk. It will take us some time as we are busy - but it will get done. I intend to live over 16 years so wont be needing it for a while.

I am at the hands of Richard Gilbert it will be he who decides if we want to enter the package products arena.


In 2015 I laid out what I believe was required by the department regarding trianing and corporate documentation - A Professional Manual.

The reaction to this effort was not well received  - I got the response from my line manager ' Are you trying to do my job'. A new learning strategy was required.

I decided to do the extreme - not keep any notes at all and depend on verbal coaching from my line manager - The Unicom way !  This worked - I retained my job for 4 years.

With regards to personal progression - I left in 2019 having made no personal progress and meeting no personal objectives.  As regards to Minerva - no effort was made by line management to populate the learning database and no formal learning plans were created. TrainIT my Google Forms database was blocked by the IT Department so I had no efficient record of keeping training records.

Accepted : I could have continued under my own steam to create the learning platform but I was not allowed time and I was constantly reminded that it is not my job.

This remained a bone of contention till I decided to leave in January 2019 and I took time out to housekeep and delete all my projects. In preparation for my departure.

My emploment was terminated as I had chosen not to close 17 tickets in A YEAR OF REVIEW - VERATSAR JUST DID NOT GET THAT THEY NEEDED SIGNATURES - SWITCH CASE PROCESSING/.

Personnel Systems


End Of Life Systems / Entertainment Systems


Pegasus Agile

User Manual

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Red Octopus Entertainment Systems

Red Octopus Systems have been developed using Protopage - This is not Ideal but it is Functional.

The problem is that the system creates google spread sheets that can be updated by the administrator but not the client. Conversion to SQL Server is in the Pipe line - where we hope to add lots fo functionality.

The Software is aimed at Golf Clubs our flagship will be Ben and Jacks Emporiums.

How to use the system.

First thing that you have to do is register with Protopage and Gmail. This will allow you to create and share Genesis Documents.

You will Join - My Study Buddies and be prepared to share your learning documents with others.

Registered with Gmail you will sign up to You  Tube. You will  be able to make your own presentations by using Camera and uploading mp4 files to you tube - we will make you aware that you need to register with You Tune for presentations over 15 minutes long.

We will invite you to join the Radio XL and Fac-x TV community.. They are both the same application but Fac-x TV is limited to Manchester Bands. You will create your own You Tube playlists. As a social media user you should be boing this anyway. What Rdio X gives us is the ability to share your playlist.

We will ask you to create one special playlist called What Thee Tunes this is part of our End Of Life Suite where we will ask yo to specify a meeting place where friends can come and celebrate your life. If Might br a River Bank, A Golf Club,, A reservoir or A Restaurant / Cafe.  you will use the application What3words to obtain the location of your venue. 

One you have created your playlist the process of sharing is simple - you run your playlist copy you url and bookmark it within Radio x or Fac-X TV. to do this you will have to sign in to protopage with the password Adam.  By clicking the chevrons on the right hand side of the page you will be able to expose all public pages pus the restricted access zone that you will be updating,

Whilst yo have the url on your clipboard you will update your own protopage site under a tab called albums. What you call your album is your choice - i originally recorded albums by album name but I became addicted and started to sore individual albums by artist. and soon had a collection of over 300 albums - which was the catalyst to creating Radio X. I now create large Radio XL playlist the inspiration came when ii selected a Earth Wind and Fire collection of over 10 hours music in one playlist.

Book Marking with protopage is really simple. What i ask you to do is look at wikipedia for bands in your own town and create your own Fac X TV for your local bands. Then you could create a Fac X Tv Sheffield within Radio XL.

I am sure that you will have fun - i hope that once we are established then bands will create their on mp4 files and we will have Radio XL - Live.  If we get enough bands interested we could art-range a Party in The Park. That is the idea behind Soul Factory which you will find in http://protopage.comfliprecipe - if you are a Soul Band sign up.   

Thank you for joining Red Octopus Entertainment.

Payroll - Home Working

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May I suggest that you work on Project Xenophon.

This is Home Working and that you keep track of your daily activities in a daily TimeBank Log where you log

1. Sub-Project (Forests404)
2. Phase. - nn
3. Activity - nn
4 Task  - nn

You might find that some of the task that you do are relevant for you work.

You could then submit a proposal for a discretionary payment being made to yourself for self tuition

You would need a Pay Scale and Pay Scale Point. To determine your rate of pay for home work.

Payment could be made through a new pay code which has

201 - Discretionary Percentage
801 - Hours to be paid
901 - Cash to be paid
301 - Year to Date Hours
401 - Year To Date Cash

500 Pay Scale
501 Pay Point

Table 001 
Pay Scale
Pay Scale Point 
Hourly Rate

Formulae 801 will harvest the hourly rate and multiply it by the Discretionary Percentage to give the pay rate which is then multiplied by the TimeBank Hours Booked to give a cash value for the month.

I believe that you should be doing 2 hours per night on multiple projects. Plus good weekend effort to give you drive and focus.





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There is lots about Xenophon which i am not going to explain here - we have The Book to show that.

I will leave that every Verastar employee should have a protopage account for Genesis documents link centrally by a site called VerastarStudyBuddies.

Broadband Provisioning



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About Maylower

In 2015 I started Pojects Matflower and Xenophon at Veratar. 
Mayflower was - whatever came to mind.
Xenphpon was a Verastar Procedure Manual.

Derek Beswick Contracted me to produce this protopage site to deliver Erasmus into to company - Initially Management Training in Prezi - Which I did.
Sadly IT put a block on Google Documents which is why Verastar people will not be able to see what I an writing about them in work !


Whilst at Veraster I was responsible for sales support and Broadband Provisioning.

The company software was primitive and I could get no support.
I proposed Auto Provisioning but was rejected.
To ensure that I selected the correct type of broadband I wrote a Java program called Signature that took six Talk Talk variables and produced a Pathway to provisioning the processing was simple it was string manipulation into a switch case procedure.
The company refused to implement it. Eventually afer a year of me refusing to close ticket the company introduced Zing Tree which checked three condition but still did not go forward and Auto Provision.

During my employment with Verastar I started my own company to write a Talk Talk Api to Auto Provision.
I am now pleased to announce that BT have come up trumps they have a transaction that accesses your property by pos code and tells you what Broadband is available. 

I knew that my actions would get me dismissed so I started Verastar Community Systems - It is now my intention to release HR Specifications for you IT Team to development - Happy New Year..

Working with Red Camel Systems we have been very busy. We are into Trees - See Forest 404 and The Golf Hub. We hope to establish an Arboretum in every golf club in the UK.

I hope that you are all well at Verastar - I have lots of HR products install for you. Includint TrainIT which I proposed to Peter White in 2015 and programmed for Evolution.

I did apply for a position as a Agile Proiect Leader but was told that I did did not have enough experience.
I have been an Agile Technical Consultant / Prject Manager since 1980 !
Welcome to Pegasus Agile.

Forest 404






Evolution - TrainIT Feasibility Study 2015