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About BBCommuniSYS Ltd

Until 27/06/2007 @ 13:55:00 BBCommuniSYS Ltd did not exist. Prior to this date and time developments were undertaken under the banner DotNetUK. DotNetUK will still conduct R&D work. The change being we are now going to do it for revenue as apposed to giving all our time away to charity. With one execption. Mr Davig Gosling of YMG. We will always support David until such time that our minds differ.

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The Daily Big iShow

Free Yourself

by BramiT (07;07;07, 27Vi07)


Davig Gosling was charged just £1,00 for six months work.

Companies involved were :

DotNetUK (BBCommuniSYS)
All In One Computing
Redcamel System
Ocean Design
House On The Hill

We invested about £3000 in hardware for David which was recovered when David said that he could not pay his invoice - the £10,000 promises was lost our work on creating 50 websites (Wordpress). YMG International and Ladies Masters Golf was thrown away.

Ben Fish deserves a medal for working with David - He wrote a tournament registration system and an on-line quiz, YMG International Hosting and Ladies Masters Golf web site creation and hosting.

Be would not invoice till all the work was done and Dave led Ben a merry tale leading him on - Ben spent 6 month PHP/My SQL developmemt and cleansed YMG of all the errors in the site - Ben Recieved Nothing.

I gifted Ben £1,000 from my invoice effectively I received nothing for 7 Month Agile  Project Management and 6 Months Wordpress Development/Delicious Development and 2 month Protopage development.

The 60 Wordpress site were taken down bt wordpress when I branded them YMG. (Voiolation of conditions of service) - I had registered them all under one Freeserve E'Mail address which was a loophole in wordpress.

Wordpress has changed you can now have multiple account but I do not know if you can offer them out as a brand.

Protopage has assured me that that is not an issue. 

About Boom

Watch Joining the Dots about graduation....

I dropped out of high school before my A Levels to work for a European Experience and to study Computer Science.

Look how well I have done.

BSG Elite will now offer you a University Standard Education.


Listen / Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish

Listen to Steve Jobs about getting fired and losing your business - That is what happened to Dave Gosling in 2007.

I have stuck with David as his IT Strategist since 2007.

We worked for David again for Bitesize Golf in 2016 but David messed Richard about for a year and we no longer have dealings with Dave - But we did take on BSG Elite.

David is a great great dissapointment - he will not answer his E'Mail now.

How rude is that when you have invested 12 years on Junior Golf Development.

Myself and David have a common viewpoint - That the Club Professional should run the club and that the secretary manager should be a junior role reporting to him for golf issues.

Harvard Class of 2017

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Speech.

Then register to Harvard CS50 Course and study at BSG Elite

Pegasus will connect the world of golf

See The Golf Hub

Personalising Education.......
BSG Elite 

About Boom Boom


Boom Boom


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WGC History

WGC was created in 2007 for YMG International in association with Golfhake.

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Savage Chickens

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Alan Bramwell

Alan Bramwell  - Club Secretary / Pro - Teaches Golf

His best club handicap was 5.6 - but his personal record shows he is a 2 handicap player.
Alan frequently scored sub par rounds at Withington Golf Club.

Alan has not played golf in many years but has studied under Scott Currie at Withington Golf Club / Boysnope for 21 years - Alan considers himself the longest serving golf assistant in the business.

He works for David Gosling who is a golf fellow - Alan is Davids Personal IT Strategist.

Alan should be a PGA Professional by now - like so many great golfers he has other interests.

The best golfers in golf are not your PGA Professional - Elite Club player are better golfers than most club pros.

Wythenshawe Golf Club could become an elite golfer club for busy golfers that do not want to play more than ten rounds per year but want an EGU certificate so that they can play in open competitions.

We will be looking at joining EGU when we have enough members.

Golf Shake

Please join Golfshake to keep your handicap /  golf stats

It is far better than a club handicap. 

Keeping a club handicap means that you are playing against bandits that force the standard scratch down - you will not get a true reflection of you ability playing club competitions.

Best to play on a Saturday nut do not enter the competition - use Golfshake for your personal handicap.

The Eagle



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Tom Clancy

Hello Tom

It is 17:48 and I have just got home I have been running round doing analysis since 08:00

this morning.

Nigel write down his e’mail address but did not give me his domain name.

Could you please inform him that we have decided on an Agile Project where I am the Product Owner, Business Analyst, Technical Consultant and you are the user.

I have decided to create a trilogy of websites - interlingking - active  / responsive websites with a pass for of : redoctopus so that you have control.

I will do the registration and systems integration with The Golf Hub.

I will operate under Time Bank and will visit you 1 hour per week to give you training.

I will maker the recommendation that your retainer be increase as you will be the primary communications officer for the club.

I will train you to train directors and they will have update access to the system.

Te step will be :


This will be the primary site.


Your site


Bruntwood park Golf Club 
Wythenshawe Park Golf Club
Style Golf Club

I hope that this is to your satisfaction - It was great that you have responded so well in becoming a Pegasus Professional.

In addition I will create a sister club http://hillsboroughgolfclub have had a meeting at WGC with a visitor today.

Than you again for working with Manchester Community Guardians (BA019) Stockport Guardian (PO001)

Alan Bramwell
Red Octopus Businesss Services Limited 
Freelance IT Consultant  

First Article for The Eagle…….. http://protopage/wythenshawegolfclub

The Directors Table



Directors Table

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Status Report


Wythenshawe Park is now unplayable - you can not define the fairways from the green - Playing today I lost two balls trying to play the first hole.

The tees are grown over and are in a state of disrepair.

The course now needs considerable work doing to it before it is fit for use again.

I will put in a complaint to Manchester City Council about their policy to run down Wythenshawe Park.

Play will now be transferred to Bruntwood Park which is now run and managed by Cheadle Golf Club.

I have set up Bruntwood Park Golf Club for Wythenshawe Golf Societies.

I see no reason why the Mersey Clubs can not join forces to turn Wythenshawe Park into a junior Golf Academy / feeder into the Mersey clubs.




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The New Course



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Wythenshawe Park

Wythenshawe Park is no longer playable - To play a 18 hole par 3 course go to Bruntwood Park off Kingsway - South Manchester Junior Golf Academies

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