Frequently asked questions

Protopage keeps forgetting that I am logged in
Protopage uses 'cookies' so the browser remembers you are logged in. If you have changed your cookie settings, changed a browser privacy setting to forget all cookies, or have installed software to block or wipe your cookies, then Protopage will keep asking you to log in. Check your browser's privacy/cookie settings to ensure cookies are enabled.
My Protopage does not load properly, or loads as a blank page
If you have installed any 'browser extensions' or 'add-ons', these can interfere with all web pages that you load in your web browser. Even if you've been using a particular extension for a long time, it may have recently been updated in a manner which interferes with the loading of your Protopage. Try disabling each extension or add-on to discover which one is interfering with the loading of your Protopage. Please also note that some antivirus software (particularly Norton Antivirus) can interfere with the loading of Protopage. Some VPN services may block Protopage. It is also possible that you have a corporate or school network filter that blocks certain web sites, and you may need to contact them to ask them to whitelist
My password is not being accepted
First, check you do not have CAPS lock on. Also note that sometimes when you copy/paste a password into Protopage, the paste introduces extra spaces that you would not notice, so try typing your password in manually instead of pasting it. If you still cannot make your password work, use our forgotten password page to reset your password to a new one.
How do I delete my Protopage account?
Deleting a Protopage cannot be undone. If you would like to do this, click the 'Colors/Settings' button, then 'Change email/password', then use the 'Account deletion' button.
I can log in, but cannot edit my page
Your main Protopage password will let you edit your page. You may be accidentally using a secondary 'view only' password that you had set up inside a 'restricted' category to allow you to share parts of your Protopage with 'view only' access. If you cannot remember your main Protopage password, use our forgotten password page to reset your main password to a new one.
I created a 'web page widget' that is redirecting my browser away from Protopage
Some web sites will not allow themselves to be embedded into any other page, and will redirect your browser away from Protopage. To fix the issue, load your page using the URL:
(replace YOURPAGE with the path of your protopage). You can then delete the misbehaving widget. If an embedded web page is misbehaving like this, unfortunately there is no way to prevent this other than by deleting the widget.